3 Ways To Fix Cox Mini Box Blinking Green Light

cox mini box blinking green light
cox mini box blinking green light

The Cox mini box is an advanced TV device with a smart shape, and an affordable cost makes it the desired choice. The entertainment lover gives preference Cox mini box to other TV boxes. But many customers are asking for help to tackle blinking green light. They also wish to have plain troubleshoots to switch back to their entertainment world.

In this draft, we will discuss why Mini Box’s green light blinks? And how can we surmount the flashing green light issue? Here all the information related to the topic will be delineated, and several troubleshoots will be extended at your service.

What Does Cox Mini Box Green Light Blinking Mean?

According to the Cox Mini Box manual, that the flashing green light means Cox service is required. Besides, when solid green light starts blinking implies the connection between TV and device has interrupted. But, when it begins just like a flashing green light, we can undo the following troubleshooting methods.

1. Can I Stop Blinking Green Light By Rebooting?

Rebooting is the most effective method through which we can resolve many problems. First, detach Mini Box from the TV and, after a few moments, attach the device to the TV. Take the Mini Box remote controller and go to the settings. Afterward, select the system reboot option; within a few minutes, rebooting completes.

2. Should We Contact Cox Mini Box Customer Care Center?

Usually, many troubleshoot work on multiple TV devices. But, in the case of Cox Mini Box, limited solutions are applicable. According to the Mini Box manual, if blinking of green light occurs, that means Cox service is required. Therefore, contact Mini Box through Call No 1.855.512.8876.

Call Mini Box’s customer care center and explain the impeding blinking green light issue. Their customer representative will provide a guideline to cancel flashing green light. In most cases, the service provider sends its technician to examine the device physically. If Mini Box’s technician failed to sort out the issue, he would exchange the device with the newer one.

3. Do I Need To Check Mini Box Device On Another TV?

If the green light of Mini Box is blinking and you think that the problem is with your TV. You should take the Mini Box device out of the TV and install the device on another TV. Suppose the Mini Box has worked on another TV, then the Mini Box is functioning great.


In a nutshell, we have provided the necessary information regarding the flashing of the green light. Along with brief root causes, we have enlisted several troubleshoots to end the problem. However, the official recommendation is if the green light blinks, it requires Cox service.

In this article, we have developed your understanding related to the Mini Box green light flashing. We will appreciate your participation in the form of feedback and queries in the comment section. your questions will be answered in a short interval of time.

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  1. Multi TVs, flashing green light on both sets. Remote turns on othe remote functions dont work. Rebottong did not work from your end.

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