6 Ways To Fix Cox Mini Box Activation Is Taking Too Long

cox mini box activation taking too long
cox mini box activation taking too long

Given the colossal need for entertainment, people are always looking for entertainment units. The streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime have experienced exponential growth. On the other hand, people are also using the Cox Mini Box to access a wide range of channels. However, if the Cox Mini Box activation is taking too long, we have the troubleshooting tips for you in the article below!

Troubleshoot Cox Mini Box Activation Is Taking Too Long

1. Plugging

If you aren’t able to activate the Cox Mini Box and if it’s taking too long, you need to check the plugging right away. For instance, you need to ensure that everything is plugged in, correctly. First of all, check the main cables around the Mini Box and make sure the cables aren’t damaged. We are saying this because sometimes, you will need to ask Cox to send their technicians.

That’s to say because Cox has expert technicians who can look up the wiring and plug for you. There are high chances that your Mini Box needs re-wiring if it’s taking too long to activate. On the other hand, in severe cases, you might have to get the cable wires in the wall replaced.

2. Splitters

So, if you have found that there is nothing wrong with the wall’s cable wires or the main cables around the Mini Box, there can be other issues. For instance, if you have the splitter between the cable and Mini Box, the connection disruption will extend the time for reactivation. The splitter will disrupt the signals and frequencies, hence leading to a long period for activation.

3. Power Cycling

If you though power cycling can only fix the issues with router and internet, let’s burst those bubbles because it can positively impact the Mini Box activation issues. In this case, you need to unplug the power from the Mini Box and change the position of the coax. Consequently, it would be best if you verified the coax into the wall as well as the Mini Box.

Then, it would help if you reconnected the power to the Mini Box. Once the Mini Box starts initializing, the channel verification will start again.

4. Internet Connection

When it comes down to the Cox Mini Box, you need to be vigilant with the connections. We are saying this because if there are frequency and signal interferences, the activation will take too long.

5. Activation Server

Well, if you were blaming the internet connection and wiring, they aren’t the only issues that can adversely impact the activation period. With this being said, there are high chances that Cox Mini Box’s activation server isn’t activation. The server might be unavailable due to higher traffic. In this case, just wait for some time and try activating the Mini Box again later.

6. Firmware

For everyone who is struggling with long activation times, there might be chances that Cox Mini Cable hasn’t installed the latest firmware. So, just update the firmware from the official website, and you will be able to activate the Mini Box right away!

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