Cox Cable Settings Menu Not Available: 6 Fixes

cox cable settings menu not available
cox cable settings menu not available

Cox is one of the prime choices for people who need internet and TV plans from one place. They have designed the cable as well as wireless services. In the same way, the Cox cable settings menu not available will hinder users from customizing the settings. For this purpose, you can follow the troubleshooting methods mentioned in this article!

Cox Cable Settings Menu Not Available

1) Reboot

In the first place, you need to reboot the receiver because it helps streamline the configuration settings and will refresh the signals. For rebooting the receiver, remove the power cable from the receiver to switch off. Moreover, you must wait for two minutes before you insert the power cable. As a result, the receiver will help enhance the access to settings.

2) Reset

When the reboot doesn’t work, resetting the receiver will solve the majority of errors, inclusive of the settings menu unavailability. You can look for the reset button on the receiver and press it for ten seconds for resetting the router. However, if this reset doesn’t work, you can call Cox update center and ask them to reset your receiver through the automated system.

3) Technician

In case reboot and reset doesn’t streamline the cable settings menu, there might be some hardware issues with the receiver. For this purpose, you can email your issue at [email protected]. There are high chances that they will send the technician your way for looking at the hardware issues. The technician will be able to fix the hardware component issues that result in such errors.

4) Remote Control

Well, before you call in the technician for resolving the hardware issues, there might be something wrong with the remote. To begin with, you must direct the remote control at the receiver’s front panel but make sure that you aren’t standing in either direction. Secondly, one must ensure that there are no hindrances between the receiver and the remote.

Once you remove these hindrances, try pressing some button from the remote control and check again. Lastly, while you are using the remote control, ensure that the remote control is within 15ft range. In addition to the range, users must be using the fresh batteries and make sure they are properly installed in the remote.

5) Power

Power interruption is one of the biggest reasons for the features acting up. So, if you are still unable to access the cable settings menu, it’s best to look for the power issues. For this reason, check that your receiver or cable box is plugged in the power outlet that’s functioning properly. In simpler words, your receiver must be plugged into the active power source. In addition, the switch must be powered on.

6) Customer Support

While using the cable services with Cox Communications, you must have a proper internet connection. In case the internet connection is already streamlined, you should get in contact with customer support. They have the equipment to monitor the services and accounts. Once you call them, explain the issue to them; they will troubleshoot the cable box and receiver that will fix the error!

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