Bravo Now Not Working On Roku: 5 Ways To Fix

bravo now roku not working
bravo now roku not working

Bravo app is a go-to mobile app for people who want to watch weekly episodes of the special Bravo shows. In addition, the Bravo app also launches episodes daily.

Generally, people use Bravo on Roku TV, but some of them complain about Bravo Now Roku not working. In case your Bravo Now app won’t work with Roku, you can follow the solutions mentioned in this article!

Bravo Now Not Working On Roku

1) Remove & Re-Add Bravo Now

Roku TV is the device through which people watch content from different online platforms and apps, and Bravo Now is one of them. Now, if Bravo Now app is not working, we suggest that you remove the channel and add it again later.

To begin with, you have to remove Bravo Now app from the Roku TV’s home screen (you can open the channel tile for this purpose).

You can press * button on the remote for opening the channel tile, choose Bravo Now, and click on “press channel.” Then, reboot the device from the settings and add Bravo Now again when the system switches on again.

2) Reboot The App

Bravo Now is an app, as you would already know, so you can make it work by rebooting it. The app can be rebooted by closing it down and deleting it from the history tab (don’t delete it from the system).

When the app is removed from the history, open it again, but you might have to enter the login credentials again. When you have rebooted the Brave Now app, you will be able to stream the content.

3) System Reset

If deleting and re-adding the Bravo Now to Roku TV doesn’t work, we suggest that you perform the system reset of Roku TV. If you don’t know how to reset the Roku TV system, we are sharing the instructions with you, such as;

  • open the settings on Roku TV and move to the system
  • from the system tab, open the advanced system settings and click on factory reset
  • if the confirmation pop-up appears, enter the on-screen code and hit the OK button

These steps will reset the Roku TV, but it will delete the settings. In addition, you might have to add the Bravo Now app again or log in again. So, make sure that you know the login credentials before you reset the Roku TV system.

4) Compatibility

To begin with, not every Roku TV can support Bravo Now app, so it is essential that you check the compatibility. For this reason, we suggest that you call Roku customer support and ask if your device can support Bravo Now. This is essential because if the app is not compatible with the Roku TV model, it might result in errors.

5) Updates

Bravo Now is regularly updated by the developers to fix the bugs and errors. So, if Bravo Now is not working with Roku TV, we suggest that you look for updates. If the update is available, download and install it for streamlined performance. Keep in mind that you might have to enter the login credentials again after updating the Bravo Now app.

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  1. Bravo TV app opens and I’m able to watch a show. As soon as the show is done, the App says error message. I am not able to watch the next show. Until I unplug the tv. This happens on all the Roku TVs. Why??!!

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