3 Causes For A Blinking Green Light On The Linksys RE7000

linksys re7000 blinking green
linksys re7000 blinking green

If you are a Wi-Fi user, we are sure there are some parts in your home where the Wi-Fi bar reduces to one or two. It’s needless to say that low bars mean slow internet, which is why Linksys RE7000 Wi-Fi range extender is widely used. This is because the range extenders catch the slow signals and transform them into high-speed signals and ensure they reach every corner of the space. However, during the setup process, Linksys RE7000 blinking green is evident. While green light doesn’t indicate a problem; if the green light doesn’t become stable, there is something wrong and you can check the reasons behind the flashing/blinking green light and solutions in this article!

Blinking Green Light On The Linksys RE7000

The LED lights on the range extenders are added to state the network status. So, so when the LED indicator light starts blinking in green color, it means that the extender is receiving or sending data through the internet port. This usually happens when you reboot the extender but the light becomes solid within a few minutes. However, if the LED has been blinking green for a long time, follow the solutions mentioned below;

1. Physical Connections

To begin with, you must check the physical connections associated with the Wi-Fi range extender, particularly the cable connections. You must ensure that the cables and wires are connected to the corresponding ports on the Wi-Fi router. You can also consult your extender’s manual to determine the right sequence of connections and ports.

Secondly, you need to ensure that the wires and cables are tightly plugged in because loose cables are the worst enemy of the connection – the connection will be there but it won’t be stable, which is why the green light won’t stop blinking. So, take out the cables and plug them in tightly. On the other hand, if the cables are still loose, there could be something wrong with the cable jacks, which is why you’ve to replace the jacks. Last but not least, you must ensure that cables are intact and there are no damages.

2. Wi-Fi Settings

The Wi-Fi settings play an essential role when it comes down to the LED lights and their status. If the Wi-Fi settings are compromised, the connection won’t be established and the light will keep blinking. For this reason, you need to verify the Wi-Fi settings. For instance, the SSID of the wireless connection and password should be correct.

In addition, if you are still using the default credentials, you must update them (yes, change the password) to beef up the security. Last but not least, you need to ensure that the computer is receiving a valid IP address from the internet router.

3. Firmware

The last solution that you can try is to update the system firmware. This is because a firmware update entails the encoded information to improve the extender and connection’s performance. So, check the web-based interface, and if a firmware update is available, download it. Lastly, it’s recommended that you turn on the “auto firmware update” to ensure automated downloading and installation of the firmware!

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