Why Is My FiOS One Box Blinking Green? (6 Reasons)

why is my fios one box blinking green
why is my fios one box blinking green

Your FiOS box may display various colors of lights that indicate the status of your FiOS one box. However, it is critical to understand what your device is trying to tell you. This section will discuss your FiOS One box’s blinking green light. If your one box is flashing green, it means there is a pending software update that cannot be completed. This is a common issue that is easily resolved. In case you are experiencing a similar issue, we have provided a list of troubleshooting steps that will assist you to solve your problem.

Why Is My FiOS One Box Blinking Green?

1. Unplug The Set Top Box

If your main set-top box is flashing green light, then you need to reboot your set-top box. Rebooting your FiOS box will either complete the pending software update or remove the flashing green light if it was falsely blinking due to a system error.

Plug out all the cables from your set-top box including the router cables and let it completely rest for a few seconds. Plug in the cables again and restart your device.

2. Reboot The Router

If your router has been running for an extended period, it may malfunction due to overheating. Because your router may occasionally prevent necessary software updates, it is recommended that you reboot your router. When you power-cycle your router, it also reboots your set-top box. This aids in the completion of the software update that your STB is unable to complete. Therefore, unplug our router from the electrical socket and wait for 30 seconds. Plug in the power cord and plug in your FiOS box back again.

3. Remove The Coax

Removing the coax cable and connecting it again to the set-top box can help in solving the flashing green light issue. Sometimes loose connections can disrupt the usual working of the device.

4. Switch The Coax To Ethernet Cable

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if your coax cable is working properly. Heat damage, physical damage, or connector damage can all result in a faulty coax cable. Switching with an Ethernet cable eliminates the possibility of a faulty coax cable. If the switching eliminates the green light, purchase a new coax cable or contact Verizon support.

5. Faulty LED Light

Until this step, if your LED is still flickering green then it might be a defective LED. You can check to see if the circuit of the LED is broken or if loose connections of the circuits are causing this to happen. Try replacing the LEDs with new ones to solve the problem.

6. Contact Verizon

The unwanted flickering of the LED lights can be annoying. Check to see if other pieces of equipment in your set-top box are working fine. If they are performing normally, then it may be an LED malfunction that is causing them to flash. Otherwise, contact Verizon support to address your issue.

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