Optoma Projector Blinking Green Light: 3 Fixes

optoma projector blinking green light
optoma projector blinking green light

Optoma is an award-winning digital projector manufacturing company that stands firm in the market due to its unique design projectors and quality products. But, the best may also have some issues, and it is completely fine.

Recently, there were some reports about the blinking green light in the Optoma projector. So, for our readers’ ease, we have brought compact knowledge about the green light and some of the troubleshooting methods. You only need to follow the article religiously, and it will help you have enough knowledge to overcome issues you are facing right now.

Optoma Projector Blinking Green Light: What Does It Mean?

A blinking green light on the Optoma projector is the indicator of various things, and the icing on the cake is that some of them are not even an issue, and some are so severe that they may devastate if not resolved your projector. First of all, the green blinking light means that the projector is either warming up or on standby.

It is not an issue, but if there is nothing like that, then the issue is with the power cord, or the mainboard has gone wrong. If this is the case, you need to resolve it as soon as possible. So, follow the below-given troubleshooting method and get rid of the issues.

1) Replace The Power Cord

If you know that the projector is not warming up and is not on standby, then what you need to look for is a defective power cord. A faulty power cord may supply power to your projector, but it is also a reason for gradually destroying the projector.

First of all, look if the projector’s power cord is in a vulnerable condition. If yes, then without wasting any single second, you need to replace the power cable. Once you have replaced the power cable, you will see no blinking green light on the projector.

2) Change The LED

Sometimes the issue is not as big as it looks like, so if you see no issue with the power cord and the power light is still blinking, what you need to do is replace the light. The power light may be defective, and this is causing it to blink. Replace it and see if you can resolve the issue.

3) Main Board Needs Replacement

If you have tried both of the above-given methods and the issue is not yet resolved, then this will create issues for you. The blinking of the power light is now due to the lousy mainboard, and it needs to be replaced.


If you have been through the above-written draft, you already know everything about the blinking green light in your Optoma projector and its possible solutions. The article has got every detail that you will need to resolve the green light issue. So, follow the article, and you will find it quite simple to get rid of the problem. If you feel any issue related to the topic, then let us know in the comment section. We will help you to resolve your issues.

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