5 Ways To Fix Windstream WiFi Router Not Working


Through its Kinetic series, Windstream, a network equipment manufacturer, delivers outstanding quality internet connections throughout the entire U.S. territory. Their wi-fi mesh systems, internet security, and home accessories bring users an overall enhanced experience with internet access and control.

Whether with their cable or fiber internet setups, Windstream guarantees users will not have reasons to complain about the speed of their networks.

Windstream routers are excellent devices

Windstream routers are excellent devices, both in terms of performance and affordability. The companies also offer bundles, which differentiates them from many other internet providers. However, a number of their customers have been looking for solutions for a few of the problems their Windstream routers have been experiencing.

According to these users, the issues do not seem to bring along big consequences and even though most are easy to solve, they have become more frequent lately. So, if you are also experiencing problems with your Windstream router, check the troubleshooting guide below. It should help you fix all sorts of minor glitches.

What Are The Main Problems Associated With Windstream Wi-Fi Routers?

What Are The Main Problems Associated With Windstream Wi-Fi Routers

As users have mentioned, Windstream routers do experience a few different problems here and there. These issues normally have easy solutions, but when it comes to finding effective solutions, users have been having a hard time.

Ineffective, hard-to-perform, and even incomplete fixes are spread throughout virtual forums and experts’ profiles on social media platforms. Keeping that in mind, we came up with a list of the most common problems and how to fix them . So, without further ado, let’s get into it.



First of all, the problem that affects most users is the one that affects the connectivity feature and renders the router unable to connect to the internet. This problem has a range of possible causes, so make sure to focus on the ones that are easier to solve before attempting the most complex solutions.

For instance, there might be something wrong with the Ethernet cable that connects the modem and the router. If that happens, the signal transmission will definitely suffer. So, make sure not only this one, but all cables related to the network setup are in prime condition.

Internet Speeds 

Internet Speeds 

Secondly, problems can also crop up and affect your internet speed, once again, for a number of reasons. Whether due to a faulty cable connection, limited wi-fi coverage, or even some sort of problem with your provider’s equipment, many factors interfere with the connection speed.

Thankfully, most of these problems can be solved with a simple reboot of the device. Windstream representatives recommend power cycling the router for a performance boost

Compatibility Issues

Compatibility Issues

Thirdly – and the most severe common issue Windstream users experience – is related to a lack of compatibility with third-party devices. This problem, similarly to the first one, also renders the router unable to connect to the internet, but for different reasons.

In this case, the lack of compatibility causes the router to not identify modems or devices that are attempting to connect to it. Although the consequences herein are more severe, most got rid of it by updating the firmware.

These are the three most common issues Windstream routers have to deal with. If you are experiencing any of them, go through the easy solutions below and get the problem out of the way once and for all.

My Windstream Wi-Fi Router Is Not Working. What Should I Do?

My Windstream Wi-Fi Router Is Not Working. What Should I Do

If your router is not working correctly, your internet connection won’t cooperate, no matter how often you restart it. Whenever your internet stops working, you are supposed to check your router first.

Here are some tried and tested troubleshooting solutions that will help you get around your Windstream Wi-Fi router issues.

1. Give Your Router A Reboot

Give Your Router A Reboot

The first thing you want to do is reboot your router. Many of the reported issues can be fixed with this simple maneuver, and it shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes.

Though your Windstream router has a dedicated reset button, forget about it. Simply unplug the power cord from the outlet. Then, give it at least two or three minutes before plugging it back in

That should give the router system enough time to work through all the diagnostics and protocols involved in the rebooting procedure.

The best thing is that, after checking the whole system for problems and addressing them, the router will be able to resume from a fresh and error-free starting point. This means connectivity, configuration, or low speeds will stand a great chance of being fixed.

2. Make Sure The Router Is Not Overheating

Make Sure The Router Is Not Overheating

Routers, just like any other device with a processing unit, tend to run hot. Depending on the level of usage or the length of the intense use, routers can even overheat.

That is just the hardware trying to tell you to give it some time to breathe. Moreover, some people are not aware that routers should be positioned in areas where there is ventilation since air is the main cooling factor with these kinds of devices.

Keeping your router in parts of the house where the air doesn’t circulate well can drastically increase the odds of it overheating. So, make sure to install your router in a cool part of the house and also that there is nothing blocking the airflow.

However, in case it is already too late and your Windstream router is already overheating, make sure to switch it off for a few minutes so it can cool down

3. Inspect All Cables And Connectors

Inspect All Cables And Connectors

Cables and connectors are as important to an internet connection as the signal itself. Most people tend to believe that these components do not play a key role in the set-up of a network when they are, in fact, of utmost importance. These cables need to be properly inserted into the correct ports, and they must also be in perfect condition.

Frays, bends, or any other sort of damage can already cause performance levels to drop. So, make sure to inspect all the cables every now and then, and, if there are any signs of harm, get them replaced instantly.

Repaired cables rarely deliver the same level of performance as their newer counterparts. So, make sure to replace damaged cables instead of attempting to repair them. The same logic should be applied to connectors as well, as they are also key components of any internet connection.

4. Avoid Signal Interference 

Avoid Signal Interference 

Choosing the perfect spot to install a router in a house can be a tricky job. Not only because of the ventilation aspect, as mentioned in the second fix, but also because the possible interference aspects must be taken into account.

As it goes, homes have plenty of features that can act as obstacles to signal distribution. For instance, metal plaques, concrete walls, or electromagnetic devices are all features that can hinder the signal.

So, make sure to choose a spot where none of these factors will interfere with the transmission, or at least the place where the least obstacles will be in the way of the router.

This way, you will ensure that the router can realize its potential and deliver fast and stable signals to all connected devices.

5. Give The Router A Reset

Give The Router A Reset

In case you tried all the fixes above and your Windstream router is still not doing what it’s supposed to, you can also reset the device.

All troubleshooting operations that the rebooting procedure performs are also carried out during resetting. So, locate the reset button, which should be on the back of the device, press it, and hold it down for 15-30 seconds. Once the LED lights on the display blink, you can let go of the button. 

Bear in mind, though, that once the procedure is successfully completed, you will have to redo the configuration. So, keep the user manual and your login credentials around to save you some time.

In A Nutshell

In A Nutshell

Windstream routers are fast and reliable, but just like any other device of their type, they experience problems every now and then.

So, if your router is not working at its best, go through the solutions we brought you today and diagnose a selection of minor issues. Once that is done, you’ll be able to enjoy all the outstanding features only a router with the quality of Windstream can offer.

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  1. windstream internet is terrible.
    keep disconnecting all time.
    rep comes 3 times , change modem , router , did speed from 25 to 50 : still not fix .

  2. probably going on deaf ears commenting here, but password on my router absolutely does not work. I can’t reset the password if the default password is incorrect.

  3. I hope and will b glad when my wifi gets back to working I miss it I’ve tried everything!wish they could come out tomorrow instead of waiting till Monday to fix it. Mrs Hunter

  4. Internet has been down for over a day going on 2 days after a thunderstorm that not only fried my tv but also my husbands PlayStation 5. They said that it would take until the 26th before they could come out and fix the issue. This is ridiculous.

  5. Yesterday (07/25/2022) the Windstream repair person came out to fix my internet connection, after I waited for a week for them to come. He came at 4:30pm and proceeded to spend the next hour changing wires. He told us since our original installation Windstream now separates telephone service from internet service — they used to be installed on the indoor wiring together now each has a separate wire in your house. Well, I get up at 4am EST (Pennsylvania) and it would not connect for over 1/2 hour. Finally, it connected. I’m not sure how long it will stay connected. It’s worked perfectly until last week and now I’m wondering AGAIN what’s going on. I told the original person on the phone I thought it was the router — told the guy that came yesterday I thought it was the router. Now I’ll have to call again and start all over with them.

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