3 Ways To Fix Windstream DSL Light Blinking

windstream dsl light blinking
windstream dsl light blinking

Windstream is a well-established company that offers multiple services to its customers. The Windstream services include telephone, cable, and internet. However, they are planning to expand their business by introducing more technological services. Many Windstream customers are facing trouble and witnessing blinking DSL lights.

In this article, we will elaborate on the root cause of the Windstream DSL light blinking and describe what DSL light blinking mean? Afterward, we will enlist various troubleshoots to end the persistent blinking DSL lights of Windstream. The following solutions will end issues related to Windstream DSL light blinking.

What Actually Windstream DSL Light Blinking Means?

Whenever you lose internet connectivity and the reason for the interruption is the continuous flashing of Windstream Digital Subscriber line DSL lights. It means that the modem is currently in the process to forge a connection to the Trustpower network. Generally, this process starts when you turn on the Windstream device and turns to solid green light connected to the source.

However, when DSL lights flashing more than a few minutes, it has failed to complete the necessary task before developing strong internet connectivity. It means there is a fault. To avoid the blinking DSL lights, the following will eliminate the irritants in the Windstream device.

1. Should I Unplug and Re-plug Cables To Cancel DSL Light Flashing?

It is crystal clear that something goes wrong with the Windstream device and flashing DSL lights indicates the connection failure. To make it functional. First, detach all the cables from the Windstream modem and turn off the device. Wait for 2 to 3 minutes and then coax cables firmly in the back of the Windstream device. The Windstream hardware will facilitate functions to develop a connection, and you will no longer see prolonged DSL lights blinking.

2. Can I Reboot Windstream Device To Remove Blinking of DSL Lights?

Rebooting is a phenomenal procedure and helps to remove multiple problems. If you have applied those mentioned above to troubleshoot, you have also rebooted your device manually. Besides, if you have not achieved results, then use the manual reboot several times. Similarly, you can reboot your Windstream from the system settings. Both ways of rebooting will end the constant flashing of DSL lights.

3. Do I Call Windstream Customer Care Center?

Indeed, Windstream customer care will help you cancel multiple occurring problems, and they readily will facilitate you. So, grab your smartphone and dial the Windstream customer care number. Their representative will give you a number of guidelines to end the blinking of DSL lights. And if you find no results, they will send their technician to deal Windstream device. Even they have the policy to swap the device due to an irremovable fault in the device.


Summing up, we have delineated underlying issues related to Windstream flashing DSL light and explained what blinking of light means. Afterward, we have enlisted several way-outs to resolve this issue. We’ll encourage your feedback in the comment section. and your queries will be answered in a short span of time.

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