7 Effective Solutions For ESPN Plus Error 0033

espn plus error 0033
espn plus error 0033

Do you enjoy sports? Or perhaps you’d like to watch a good match analytics show after your favorite team wins? Well, you are correct. If you are a sports fan, we can assume you already have an ESPN Plus subscription.

But why does ESPN Plus exist? This, as one of the best sports streaming services, will provide you with a plethora of sports telecasts, programs, and exclusive content that will enhance your viewing experience.

Many users would use other streaming services such as Hulu, Fubo, Amazon Prime, and others to get quality sports content, but live streaming a sports event has its fan base.

How To Fix ESPN Plus Error 0033?

Being a service for streaming users will be frustrated by errors on ESPN plus, but there is no other option because these services are vulnerable to network and server errors.

But knowing the nature of the error and the necessary troubleshooting steps makes a difference so you don’t miss out on a live sports broadcast or get the service stuck at the climax of the sports event.

Having said that, we have reviewed numerous ESPN plus-related errors, but error 0033 is one of the most frequently asked about.

This error means “The customer is not authorized for the requested content.” As a result, your ESPN plus will be out of range and you will be unable to access its content.

IP Address

This can happen for a variety of reasons, including a network change, a change in account settings, or a blocked IP address.

As a result, in this article, we will go over some general issues and their solutions to the ESPN plus error 0033. So, without further ado, let us get started on the article.

  1. Altered TV Package:

The first factor affecting the operation of the ESPN plus service is a changed network. Speaking of which, when you purchased the package for your steaming service, the cable provider did not include the HISTORY in your package.

It means that your package only includes internet access, which is why you can’t access or watch your favorite sports channel.

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This is easily resolved by contacting your cable provider and asking if the HISTORY is included in your purchased package. You can access all of your ESPN plus content if you ask them to upgrade your package.

  1. Internet Location Issues:

When you purchase your package and subscribe to the ESPN Plus streaming service, you are asked to confirm your address or location for billing purposes, which is referred to as your billing address.

This address contains the cable provider’s location and availability. So long as you access the ESPN plus content from the same location and address, you should be fine.

The problem arises when you attempt to access ESPN plus through someone else’s network.


If you are using someone else’s home network, a location change will cause ESPN plus to fall out of range of your network, preventing you from accessing its content.

So make sure you use the same network which is in range of your billing address.

  1. Check Server:

It is not always the user’s fault; sometimes the problems are caused by the ESPN plus servers themselves. However, if the ESPN plus server is down or under maintenance, you will have difficulty viewing the platform’s content.

It may occasionally fail to load, connect, or, in our case, display error 0033. As a result, it is best to visit the ESPN plus website and check for any current server outages. If so, you can wait until the service is restored.

  1. Software Updates:

Doesn’t that sound simple? It may seem too simple to be true, but you can eliminate the vexing error 0033 by simply upgrading your ESPN plus app.


If the server outage, changes to the TV package, and network location issues are not influencing your apps’ behavior, it could be a pending update.

A corrupted, outdated, or incompatible version of the ESPN plus app can cause streaming issues unnecessarily. A faulty software patch may be interfering with your streaming.

So, go to the app store on any device from which you are watching ESPN Plus, and if you see an option to update the app, click it to ensure it is updated to the most recent version.

Following the update, you will notice an immediate improvement in performance and functionality.

  1. Switch From Wi-Fi To LTE:

The most likely cause of the 0033 error in your ESPN plus app is unauthorized access to its content. This can happen if your network’s IP address is blocked from the ESPN servers.


This can result in frequent access errors, loading issues, and other problems. So, a good workaround to resolve and rule out this possibility is to ensure that there are no network issues.

Switch from your current Wi-Fi network to LTE to see if it makes a difference. Many users have claimed that switching networks solved their streaming problems.

  1. Re-Login To The App:

If your app is working for too long or it has remained idle even for a small time in between it may go into timeout requests.

This will result in a bad request and even if the app seems to be working fine it may not be able to process any information sent to it

This can be resolved by doing a refresh. So logging out from the app and then logging in would not only help to refresh the app but it will also refresh your account information.

  1. Contact ESPN Support:

If you’re reading this, your problem is still unresolved. This necessitates contacting ESPN support. It could be a technical issue or a temporary glitch that you are unaware of.


So contacting the support team and explaining our problem should help you resolve the problem. You can visit their official website or send them an email with your request.

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