5 Troubleshooting Procedures For NETGEAR N900 Router

netgear n900 troubleshooting
netgear n900 troubleshooting

Netgear N900 is a wireless router with gigabit support and dual-band design, promising a seamless internet connection for everyone. The internet performance is truly exceptional on the 5GHz band, while the 2.4GHz band has an extended range. However, if you have some internet issues with this router, we have Netgear N900 troubleshooting available in this article!

NETGEAR N900 Troubleshooting:

1. Not Turning On

If the router is not turning on, you have to ensure that all the cables are tightly plugged into the router as well as into the power plug. Keep in mind that the cables must be intact as damaged cables signal a power transmission issue. In addition to this, when the cables are connected, check the power LED on the router and make it’s turned on and green. In case the LED is off, there is something wrong with the cable or electricity connection, and you’ve to call a professional electrician.

However, before you hire an electrician, we recommend that you check the power adapter and make sure it’s connected to the router and the power outlet (you can also check its continuity with a multimeter).

2. Inconsistent & Slow Internet

In the case the internet is slow, or the wireless connection isn’t consistent, you have to check the network settings. In simpler words, the wireless and wired-connected computers must leverage the network addresses on the same internet network as the router. For this purpose, it’s recommended that you configure the devices to obtain the IP address automatically with the help of DHCP.

On the other hand, if the devices aren’t connecting to the internet, you have to check the wireless settings and ensure that the settings on the computer and router are the same. The wireless settings include the security password and username of the connection. So, check the device’s internet properties and change the password to make sure it connects.

3. Ethernet Or Internet LED Are Off

In case the internet or Ethernet LEDs are switched off, the first step is to check the Ethernet cable and make sure the connections are secure. In addition, the power switch must be turned on. If you’ve ruled out these two possibilities, but the LEDs are still off, it’s likely that you are using a non-compliant cable, so consult the manual and replace the cable accordingly.

4. Unable To Sign In To The Router

If you are unable to sign in to the router from your PC, you have to ensure that the Ethernet connections are correct and the IP address of the computer must be on the same subnet as your router. In addition to this, you must double-check the password to ensure you are entering the correct password, as it’s essential for gaining access to the router’s settings. However, if nothing works, you can call Netgear customer support.

5. Unable To Access The Internet

If you are unable to access the internet, you should call the internet service provider to make sure the IP address is configured for the router. The internet service provider can configure the fixed IP address for your router remotely, but he will ask for the router’s credentials.

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