TracFone: GSM or CDMA?

tracfone gsm or cdma
tracfone gsm or cdma

Tracfone is known as a budget carrier for most people in the US. It is probably the most popular budget carrier as Tracfone is serving the consumers with great services at a fraction of price than any other mobile network carrier. Tracfone is essentially an MVNO that means they don’t have towers on their own and they are relying on other carriers to rent their towers for the services. To understand the factor that Tracfone is GSM or CDMA, you must know first that what is an MVNO, and how does it work.

Tracfone operations as MVNO

An MVNO is a network carrier that does not own or operate any cellular towers. They rent the towers from other carriers to use and provide services to their consumers. While there are MVNOs that are using one or two carriers at once. Tracfone stands to be the only MVNO that is using towers from Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, and all the other popular networks in the US. This gives them a certain edge over any other budget carrier or MVNO as you get a chance to enjoy the best of both technologies.

Tracfone is a unique network that enjoys offering both CDMA or GSM services according to your requirement. We have seen that carriers are bipolar in this matter and they keep to one technology only. However, with Tracfone’s bring your own phone program, you can use any phone let it be CDMA or GSM if the phone is unlocked. The best part is that you can also use the carrier phones like phones from Verizon, AT&T, and some other major carriers on Tracfone with no difficulties at all. To understand which carriers are CDMA and which Carriers are GMS on Tracfone, you need to have a look at following technologies:

TracFone GSM or CDMA


In the USA, Sprint, Verizon, and US Cellular use CDMA technology. That means if you have a phone from any of these carriers or a CDMA phone that is unlocked, you should not have any problems connecting it with Tracfone bring your own phone program as Tracfone is already using their towers. You will not have to worry about getting your phone unlocked if you are planning to use Tracfone as your operator and don’t want to change your CDMA phone.


GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications. This technology is being used all over the world widely for cellular operators. The majority of the carriers that you can find outside the US are using GSM technology to provide services to their consumers. In the USA, AT&T and T-Mobile use technology. So, if you have a phone with any of the above carriers, or you got it from any other part of the world, you don’t need to worry about it if you are looking to shift to Tracfone. Tracfone does provide GSM communication through AT&T and T-Mobile towers.

Tracfone is one of the very few companies that are offering both services under a single platform, and you will never have to face worry while converting to Tracfone.

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