4 Ways To Fix Orange Light On Router

orange light on router
orange light on router

You might have noticed different colored lights on your WiFi router and have wondered what they mean. There are essentially three different colors on your router that are red, orange, and green that blink or stay on to show different parameters.

These lights mean a lot in terms of connectivity and to understand what orange light on the router means and how you can fix it, you should understand all the lights, their meanings, and how they work.

Green Light

Green is usually the sign of good to go, and that is what it means on your router too. You have nothing to be worried about if the lights on your router are green. A green light means everything is alright and you will not require to do anything. You can simply enjoy your internet as you expect it to be.

Red Light

Red light is a warning sign that means something is not right. There are different signs on the router that represents power, internet connection with ISP, and WiFi network. You need to check which of the Red light is on and need to fix that.

If the red light is for internet connection, you need to contact your ISP and have them fix the issue with your internet as your router is not being able to connect to the internet. If the light is for the WiFi network, that means your WiFi is disabled on the router and you need to turn it on.

Orange Light

Orange light usually means that you are connected to the network but the speed is either too slow, or you are unable to connect with the internet. You might have noticed the orange light on your router when it is working slower than usual and has wondered why is it there. Well, now you know and there are certain ways that you can fix orange light on your router such as

Ways to fix Orange light on the router

While your router boots up, it will show different lights for up to 20 seconds the same as your car shows the check-lights when turned on. If these lights are turned off after 20 seconds, there is nothing to be worried about and your router is working as good as new. However, if you are seeing constant orange light on your router, you can fix it using the following steps.

1. Restart your Router

The most common reason for slowing down is that either your router is heated up, or there are some extra devices connected to it. You can restart your router and give it a try. It does work most of the time and that orange light on your router will be gone.

2. Reset the settings

There are slight chances that the settings of your router might be messed up, that can cause your internet speed to be slow. You can reset the router settings by accessing the admin panel or simply pressing the physical reset button on your router. It will reset the router settings to default and the problem would be solved if it was caused by settings of your router.

3. Re-plug the broadband wire

The broadband wire that is connected to the router can be the culprit as it can get loose over time. You need to unplug the cable and plug it back in the router and see if it works. Don’t forget to check the connectors for any wear and tear as they might get old and damaged and causing you to have poor signal and internet connectivity to your router.

Bent or damaged cables are also the main reason that can cause orange light on the routers. You can check the cable thoroughly and replace it if you think that it is damaged and might be causing the connectivity errors.

4. Contact your ISP

The last resort if none of the above solutions work would be to contact your ISP as there might be some settings or connectivity error at your end. They will be able to diagnose the issue properly for you and will solve the orange light on your router for good.

However, we do suggest that you try all of the above solutions before contacting your ISP as they might be able to solve the problem faster for you.

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