Can A Bad Router Cause Slow Internet? (Answered)

can a bad router cause slow internet
can a bad router cause slow internet

Can A Bad Router Cause Slow Internet?

Yes. Absolutely a bad router can make your internet connection go slow. There are many factors behind the slow internet connection, and the lousy router is one of them. Sometimes the issue might lie in the arrangement of the router or modem and the other times your router only out of order.

It is not necessary that only a router can affect your internet connection; other factors are most likely to involve such as weak Wi-Fi signal, excessive interference, limited data plans. Etc. However, a router with internal technical issues can be a curse and can drastically affect your internet connection.

Why Is Router Slowing Down My Internet Connection?

1. Outdated Router

The first reason for the slow internet connection is an outdated router. Routers have to provide unlimited speed and catch sufficient connection signals for conveying them to our devices. However, if the router itself is out of order, then there is no way out getting rid of a slow internet connection.

Other hardware devices along with router can potentially harm your Wi-Fi speeds. Older and outdated routers won’t be capable enough to provide the best service. Generally, we could say that the newer versions of the router can offer much improved and superfast connectivity to your devices.

Routers tend to support several Wi-Fi network standards. The updaters have made sure to release newer versions of them every few years. Therefore, expecting a lightning-fast internet connection speed with the older routers is useless. If we talk about the most famous Wi-Fi standards, we can count Wireless B, G, N, and AC. They are supposed to be the most commonly used and faster ones.

Newer versions of the router have several leverages over the older ones. It is safe to say that the older ones are quite time-consuming and are not ideal. Moreover, an essential difference between both the version is their transfer rate. The latest versions of the router in the markets have faster transfer rates which means that the internet connection can get super speedy with higher transfer rates.

Rebooting Helps!

If you are here, you must be having serious issues with your in-home router. Here’s the heck for you to fix a slow internet connection because of a router. You can quickly speed up your internet connection by rebooting and restarting your router.

To do rebooting, all you need is to plug out your router from the power socket. Wait for a few minutes before you plug back in. After plugging in, there are 60% chances that your internet will start to work faster. However, if it didn’t, then you might want to consider a way out to upgrade yourself with the latest device.

2. Wrong Placement Of Router:

Not always the problem lies with the lousy router itself, the problem can be its faulty and incompatible placement. First of all, you examined your old router, found it out of order, and then bought a new one. But still, nothing changed. Why? Because of the poor placement of the router in the house. Such awful placement can make your Wi-Fi signal zone out.

What Is The Right Placement Of Router?

The exact placement of your router would always be the central location instead of the small corner of your house. Moreover, the signals usually emerge out of your router in an outer radius which is why placing your router in a central location is inevitable.

Wi-Fi signals emerging out of the router travel horizontally and vertically. Therefore, putting your router in an elevated position can be super helpful. It would merely be more delightful if you place them on a bookshelf or mount them over the surface of a wall.

Before you place your router with all the signal tactics in your head, make sure that you are mindful of obstacles. Concrete and metallic objects can block your Wi-Fi signal strength. This is why you need to keep your router away from steel desks, tanks, walls, and other metallic surfaces.


The router is one of the most prominent features in controlling the fate of your internet connection. Bad routers always curse internet connection speed. Therefore, it is still wise to keep the distance balanced between your router and your mobile phone device. The gap shouldn’t be too much longer than your Wi-Fi signals take forever to reach your devices.

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