Investigate Router Or Broadband Modem Issues

investigate router or broadband modem issues
investigate router or broadband modem issues

Imagine yourself short on the deadline, and your browser shows “address not found” on the window, how are you going to react? We are sure that you are going to flip out on that. There are other issues like zero connection, timed-out connection, and the pop-ups saying, “internet explorer cannot display the web page” issue. Well, it doesn’t matter which message you are experiencing, it’s all due to a slow internet connection.

Investigate Router Or Broadband Modem Issues

In this vein, fixing the issue become troublesome, and finding the root is even more difficult. That’s mainly because one has to line out every possible vent because there is an array of things that can go wrong. In the majority of cases, the issues lie in the modem broadband or the router. In this article, we are sharing every possible solution that will sort the broadband internet connection. So, get ready to watch those YouTube videos in HD quality!

1) Wires

This might seem too cliché to you, but checking the connections and wires involved in designing the internet infrastructure will help. This is the simplest troubleshooting option, and it will fix the issue, irrespective of which modem or router you are using. Many people don’t even go through with it, but it will be brisk of a minute to call potential issues off the list.

So, first of all, check the entering point of the internet, such as the phone line, line drop, satellite antenna, or the dish. You need to ensure a tight and secure cable connection. In addition, make sure that all the exterior wiring is safe from bug and bird chewing. If there are some damages in the cable, call the cable company because touching them barehanded is no wisdom.

Now, you need to check the cable connection inside the home, such as the connection points. You need to check the cable connection at the router or modem as well. Make sure that all the cables are plugged into the right pot. This is because people tend to confuse the cable ports if there are multiple devices connected with the router.

2) Power Cycle Might Help

The name might be all fancy and tech-savvy, but all you need to do is restart the modem. You need to plug out the modem, wait for at least 30 seconds and switch it back on. It doesn’t matter if you are using the satellite, cable, or DSL, power cycling will help for sure. You need to disconnect the modem through the power cord and do as we have said already.

This will cycle the modem through the usual boot-up sequence, and it will start working. However, there is detailed power cycling as well, where you will need to turn off all the network-connected devices. For instance, you need to shut off the connected devices, take the modem plug out, and switch them back on after one to two minutes.

3) Weathering Storms

If you are connected to the internet through the satellite service, you might be experiencing internet issues because of that. That’s because even the slightest barrier in satellite and antenna will adversely impact the internet connectivity. So, you might need to change the alignment of the dish because it demands a precise signal portrayal.

4) Router Outages

Using the wireless router might seem fancy at the start, but they are prone to internet connectivity issues. There are high chances that the router is undergoing the configuration or security issues. So, make sure that you have installed proper settings by checking them through the IP address. In addition, install the wireless security protocol and install it. This means that you will need the correct password for accessing the internet.

5) Location

Where you put your modem or router deeply impacts the internet connectivity. You need to position it at the central location because by putting them in the corner, you are creating obstructions for them. In addition, keep the wires straightened out sand untangled because these knots can become the unintentional barriers as well.

6) Firmware

The routers aren’t designed with built-in firmware, but they are beneficial for providing secure internet connections. So, make sure that you’ve installed the suitable firmware. You will need to install them manually, or the internet service provider can take care of it for you!

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