What Does The Lights On Starlink Router Mean?

Lights On Starlink Router
Lights On Starlink Router

The Starlink router is provided to the users to make sure they can establish a wireless connection at home. The router is integrated with multiple LED indicators that help understand the router and network status. However, it is important to understand the lights and what the different colors of these lights mean. So, with this article, we are sharing all you need to know about lights on the Starlink router!

Lights On Starlink Router

  1. Power LED

The power LED is one of the most important additions to a router as it helps determine if the router is turned on or not. When the router is connected to power, the power LED turns solid white. On the other hand, if the router is connected to power but the light is not turning solid white, there are various things that you can try out;

  • Check the power cord that’s connecting the router to the power outlet. This is because this power cord has to be tightly connected to the back of the router to make sure the electrical signals from the power outlet are transmitted to the router for powering it up
  • If the power cord is already connected but the router is still not turning on, there are high chances that the cable has internal or external damage, which can lead to transmission of electrical signals. That being said, inspect the cables and if they are damaged, you should get them replaced immediately to optimize the power connection
  • Thirdly, you have to check the power outlet you are using. This is because a malfunctioned power outlet will fail to power the router, so just try connecting your router to a different power outlet
  1. Router LED

The second light on the unit is the router LED, which helps understand the router’s connectivity. This LED indicator glows n three different forms, including pulsing white, solid white, and solid blue. The pulsing white color shows that the router is initializing. In most cases, it happens when the router is connected to the power connection and is trying to boot up. Usually, it takes two minutes to five minutes to complete the booting process.

Secondly, the solid white light means that the router is waiting for the internet. It usually happens when the internet connection is slow from the backend. We recommend that you reach out to the internet service provider to fix the internet issues to ensure you are connected to the internet. In addition to this, if possible, you should upgrade the internet plan to achieve faster internet speed.

Last but not least, if the router LED glows in solid blue form, it means that the router has been connected to the internet. So, when the router LED becomes solid blue, you can connect the wireless devices to the internet connection. In some cases, the router LED can glow in red color, which indicates a failed internet connection. In that case, you should power cycle the router to refresh the internet signals or reach out to the ISP to improve the connection.

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