Fios Not Working After Power Outage: 4 Ways To Fix

fios not working after power outage
fios not working after power outage

The telecommunications giant, Verizon has outdone themselves once more. Not satisfied with occupying an apparently fixed position on the top three providers in the U.S, Verizon keeps moving towards the top with each new device.

AT&T and T-Mobile, the main competitors in the business, are now bound to design the next big hit, or else the odds Verizon sees them in the rear-view mirror are pretty much set.

The novelty manufactured by Verizon is the 100% fiber-optic network called Fios. Through this brand-new device, Verizon delivers some of the fastest and most stable internet connections to millions of homes and businesses throughout the whole of America.

Offering both ultra-high speed and reliability, Fios brings 5G technology to Verizon subscribers at a fairly affordable price. Bundling internet, TV and telephony, Fios enhances users’ experience on all three fronts.

Fios brings 5G technology to Verizon subscribers

Regarding the internet service, it increases the bandwidth and delivers a higher upload speed, while the ultra-low latency delivers smoother video connections and ultra-low lag when gaming.

Meanwhile, their voice services are reinventing landline telephony with unlimited and advanced calling technologies, allowing users to reach over 98% of the world population.

Moreover, the no extra fees, no data caps, and no annual contracts turn Fios into a solid top option for users who seek outstanding service over low prices.

Do I Have To Worry About Anything With Verizon Fios?

Do I Have To Worry About Anything With Verizon Fios

Similar to other telecommunications bundles, Fios is not entirely free from issues. In fact, in this business, rarely a product or service goes by unnoticed when it comes to issues.

Additionally, even the top-notch products in any kind of market nowadays are prone to suffer with some type of problem, either during beta-phase or even after being released to the public.

As it has been most recently reported by users in online forums and Q&A communities all over the internet, there is an issue that is hindering the performance of the bundle – particularly on the internet front.

According to the reports, the issue has been identified to happen mostly post power outages. Unfortunately, this does not allow experts to pinpoint the source of the issue and address it properly, and that is the reason why so many users have commented experiencing the problem through different manners.

Should you find yourself amongst those users who are experiencing the post power outage issue with your Verizon Fios, bear with us as we walk you through four easy fixes any user can attempt.

post power outage issue

Apart from being easy to perform, the fixes we bring you today carry an almost zero chance of damaging your equipment. So, do not worry if you do not count yourself amongst the most tech-savvy.

Since the issue affects most directly the internet part, the problem extends to the other two fronts, as both the TV and the telephony rely on the internet connection.

Therefore, this article is more intensely focused on dealing with the solutions for the internet front of the bundle, which, consequently, should also fix the other two services.

So, without further ado, here is what you can attempt in order to see the post power outage issue gone for good and enjoy the exquisite services Verizon Fios can offer.

What Can I Do If My Verizon Fios Is Not Working After A Power Outage?

  1. Make Sure To Power Cycle The Device

First things first, as there is a chance the issue will be gone for good with a simple power cycle procedure. Due to the fact that the issue has been reported to happen mostly after power outages, the odds the source of the problem lie with the electrics are quite high.

Therefore, a power cycle should be enough to have the device clear any power-related issues and get resume working as it should.

Additionally, power cycling electronic devices allows them to perform some checks and protocols that ensure the performance is enhanced when their activity is resumed.

Apart from troubleshooting minor configuration and compatibility errors, the procedure also clears the cache from unnecessary temporary files that might overfill the memory and cause the device to run slowly.

grab the power cord

So, forget about reset buttons hidden somewhere on the back of the device and grab the power cord. Before unplugging it from the power outlet, make sure to switch off your Verizon Fios so the procedure can be properly performed.

After unplugging the device from the power outlet, give it at least two minutes before plugging the power cord back in. Also, make sure to have your login credentials in hand as the reinitialization process will probably prompt you to insert them.

Lastly, the procedure might erase some configuration preferences or favourite channel lists, but that is a price worth paying for having the device running as it should.

  1. Check The Condition Of All The Cables And Connectors

Check The Condition Of All The Cables And Connectors

According to some of the reports, some users managed to get around the issue by simply ensuring the cables and connectors were in good condition and that they were properly attached to their ports.

It has already been identified in other sorts of issues that a faulty connection or the poor condition of cables or connectors can actually hinder the performance of electronic devices.

Therefore, give your cables a good check and ensure there are no bends, frays, or any other sort of damage that could hamper the signal distribution.

Additionally, upon checking the condition of the connectors, make sure to redo the cabling. That way you can make sure they are properly fastened into the ports and there are no problems with the transmission of the signals.

  1. Make Sure The Power Outlet Is Delivering Enough Current

Make Sure The Power Outlet Is Delivering Enough Current

As these kinds of device run not only on internet juice, the electricity part is also of utmost importance. What good does it do if the internet signal is the fastest and most stable if the electricity running through the device is not enough to allow its features to perform?

So, make sure the electrical part is also in top condition and delivering the proper amount of power into your Verizon Fios. Bear in mind that topping up your amperage or voltage is not necessarily good, and you might end up frying some of the components.

Just make sure your power outlet is sending the correct quantity of electricity to the device and Verizon’s ultra-advanced technologies should do the rest.

A good way to check the amount of current is to use a multimeter and match the details with the specifications found on the back of your Verizon Fios.

use a multimeter

In the event you do not own a multimeter, simply grab another electronic device, such as your mobile charger, and plug it onto the power outlet to which you had your Fios connected.

Keep an eye for the speed of the charging, as that might be an accurate indicator of a faulty distribution of power. Should you notice that the power outlet is delivering less current than the usual, make sure to have the components replaced with new ones.

Bear in mind that power outages can happen due to surges, in which case the odds the power system suffers some sort of damage are higher.

Also, should you not feel like you can handle sorting out electrical problems, make sure to call a technician. We strongly recommend you are extremely careful while dealing with the electrical part, as the chances of a more serious damage are fairly higher.

  1. Make Sure To Have Your Verizon Fios Checked

Make Sure To Have Your Verizon Fios Checked

Last, but not least, in the event you attempt all the three easy fixes above and still experience the post power outage issue, make sure to have the device checked by experts.

As explained in the last fix, power outages can happen due to surges, in which case all electronic devices connected to power outlets are prone to suffer with the excess of electricity being sent into them.

As it goes, some users have reported to notice the smell of something burning inside their Fios after a power outage. According to those reports, once they took it to an official Verizon store, they received a new one and never had to deal with the issue again.

Therefore, should you notice any sort of damage in your Verizon Fios that might have happened due to the power outage or surge, either bring it to an official store or give customer support a call to have it replaced.

either bring it to an official store

Any way you choose, you will be able to let professionals know what happened to the device and advise you properly. As they are used to dealing with all sorts of problems, they will surely know what to do in the case of a post power outage issue is happening within your device.

On a final note, should you find out about other easy ways to get rid of this issue, make sure to let us know by dropping a message at the comments section.

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