Netgear Router Not Working After Power Outage: 3 Fixes

netgear router not working after power outage
netgear router not working after power outage

Netgear is a famous brand that manufactures networking products. Their lineup includes modems, routers, and satellites. You can visit their website to find a detailed list of all the products. This should also help you in checking the specifications for these devices. Once done then you can easily purchase a product that you like.

While the routers from Netgear are amazing and there are multiple features on them. There are still a few errors that you can get with them. Many people have been complaining that their Netgear router is not working after a power outage. This can be quite annoying to deal with which is exactly why we will use this article to provide you with some troubleshooting steps.

Netgear Router Not Working After Power Outage

  1. Power Cycle Network

Modems and routers are always set up in a specific order. The information sent between them requires the devices to be kept in the same place. However, after a power outage, some of your devices will start before the others. This can cause the router to start sending information before the modem has even started.

The process can disturb your entire setup which is why it is recommended that you power cycle them again. Although, you must ensure all of these boots up in the correct manner. After disconnecting all of your network devices. Close them down and wait for one to two minutes. You can now start up your modem.

Once it becomes stable, the user can then proceed to switch on their routers one by one. Connect them to your device after the lights on them are fully lit. You can even check your Netgear router first before connecting other systems. This will ensure that the problem is now gone and you can start using your internet service again.

  1. Check Adapter

Sometimes power outages can cause the current in your connections to fluctuate. This damages the adapters that you have connected to your devices. Considering this, the same might have happened with your router.

You can check the ratings of current for your adapter and replace it with a spare one. Now try connecting the device back up. If it starts without giving you any errors then this means your older adapter is now dead. You can easily purchase a new one from most electrical stores. Make sure that you check the compatibility for it beforehand to avoid issues.

  1. Install New Firmware

Finally, in some cases, the firmware on your device can get corrupt when it closes down suddenly. If this happens then you can install new firmware on it through TFTP. If you do not have any idea on how this can be installed. Then it is recommended that you check the manual provided with the product.

This should contain all the required information which will be enough to help you out. The procedure for different routers by Netgear can vary. This is exactly why you should ensure that you are using the process given for the model of your router.

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