LG TV Won’t Turn On After Power Outage: 3 Fixes

lg tv wont turn on after power outage
lg tv wont turn on after power outage

LG TVs have been around for decades. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that LG TVs have been used by people even before Smart TVs were a thing. However, some users are complaining about LG TV won’t turn on after power outage. For this reason, we have established this article to ensure you get to switch on the LG TV!

LG TV Won’t Turn On After Power Outage

1) Plug In Again

First of all, whenever you struggle with LG TV not switching on after the power outage, you need to plug out the power cord and plug it back in. However, there are some factors to consider with this step. That’s to say because you have to unplug the TV as well as the cable boxes and/or satellite receiver. Once all the cables are disconnected, you have to wait for five minutes.

After waiting for five minutes, you need to connect the LG TV to the power source. Once the TV is connected to a power source, you can plug in the satellite receiver and cable box. In case the TV switches on, your work is done. However, if it’s still powered off, you can shift to the next point.

2) Reset The TV

Ys, we are talking about resetting the LG TV to the factory default settings. However, before you start the factory reset process, you have to disconnect the coaxial cable from the LG TV. Now that you have disconnected the coaxial cable, follow the instructions mentioned in the section below;

  • The first step is to look for the power button on the LG TV and press it
  • Now, you need to press the menu button (it can be found next to the power button), and the main menu of your TV will appear
  • When the main menu opens, move to the system settings and choose the “advanced” or “options” button
  • In this page, you can scroll down to factory default or factory reset option and choose it
  • As a result, the confirmation prompt will appear on the screen, and you have press the ‘yes” option

When the LG TV is reset, the TV’s screen will turn black. Then, just connect the coaxial cable to the TV again, and you will be able to switch on the TV.

3) Power Source

The power outages can damage the power connections, such as power outlets and power cables. This is because power outages can often cause fluctuations in the electric signals and voltages. That being said, you need to test the power outlet by connecting some other electronic device (you can even try it with the phone charger).

If the charger works, your TV has gone bad, and it needs to be fixed by a professional technician. In addition to checking the power outlet, you need to inspect the power cord. Before you call the technician to fix the TV, we suggest that you change the power cord (the power cord must be sourced from a reputed hardware store). Also, always plug the power cord tightly into the TV as well as the power outlet.

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