DirecTV Box Won’t Turn On After Power Outage: 4 Fixes

directv box wont turn on after power outage
directv box wont turn on after power outage

Directv box is simply the perfect thing that you can get out there in order to transform your experience. Their DVRs are the perfect thing that you can get for HD and 3D streaming experience and of course they are pretty good at the signal receiving and all the other stuff they are made for.

Yet, there are certain complications that you will also have to deal with them and getting another device attached to your TV for the signal reception is not something that someone would optimally want to handle.

DirecTV Box Won’t Turn On After Power Outage

These are some of the best boxes and they don’t tend to develop much issues for you either. However, there are certain problems that you need to be careful about as well. If you are getting power outages, and after that you are unable to turn on your Directv box, that is some serious trouble. Here are a few things that you will have to do in order to get that problem fixed for you.

1) Check on the Circuit

First things first and the power outages are not something good for your circuit. Luckily, there are fuses and circuit breakers that will save your equipment from getting damaged all of a sudden and that is the best thing that you can get.

To start off the troubleshooting, you will need to make sure that you are checking the circuit first for current flowing. Start off with the circuit breakers and if there is some circuit breaker tripped, you will need to turn it on after you make sure that the current is fine now. Once you get that sorted out, you will need to keep a keen eye on the fuses for any of the blown fuses.

If you find a fuse to be blown, you will need to have it replaced with the same fuse and that is going to help you out perfectly. Lastly, you will need to check the electric wall socket as well. To make that sure, you will have to plug in some other appliance on the same wall outlet and check if that is working. This will help you figure out if your Directv is fine, or if there is something wrong with the wall outlet that needs to be checked and fixed.

2) Clean it properly

Another thing that might be causing you to have this problem is that there might be some issue with heat dissipation. The dirt needs to be cleaned off and you will have to make sure that you are cleaning all the dirt and dust from the Directv box.

After that, you will need to plug it out from the wall outlet and let it rest for a moment or two.  Besides, you will also need to plug it back in with the power outlet on your wall and that will help you out in making it work in the perfect manner. You will need to be mindful that you are plugging it in correctly and the adapter is tightly plugged in and not simply hanging loose.

3) Change the power cord

The power cord on your Directv box can also potentially go wrong and you will have to make sure that it is not the culprit behind all this trouble. It is better to keep a power cord handy at all times and that will help you out in such tight corners. So, you can try it out with the other power cord and that will help you in making it work most of the time without causing much trouble for you.

4) Get it checked

The best thing is that all the equipment you get from Directv including these Directv boxes for coverage and streaming are sourced by them and they have the right support division as well to help you out of the tight corners.

You just need to make sure that you are contacting the support department and they are going to help you locating the nearest service center to help you with the diagnosis. They are not only going to diagnose the Directv box for you, but they will also be able to make sure that they provide you the right fix, let it be a repair or replacement.

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