Verizon Fios Remote Volume And Power Not Working (4 Fixes)

verizon fios remote volume and power not working
verizon fios remote volume and power not working

Verizon is a well-known name in the industry, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Fios TV is one of the best launches. This is because it provides access to desired content and channels without having to pay high cable TV charges. It comes with a set-top box and remote control for changing the settings, but some users have been complaining about Verizon Fios remote volume and power not working. So, if your Fios remote is acting up as well, let’s check out some solutions that you can try!

Verizon Fios Remote Volume and Power Not Working

1. Battery

The remote control is designed to operate on battery, and as a Fios user, you have to be extremely careful about the battery. This is because some buttons stop working when the batteries are not properly placed. Fios TV remotes use AA batteries, so it’s best to check the tutorials to learn the correct way of placing AA batteries in the remote control.

Secondly, there are chances that the batteries have gone bad. This is important because Fios remotes have advanced features that need extra power, resulting in quicker draining of the battery. That being said, if you haven’t changed the batteries for a month or two, we suggest that you replace the batteries and if possible, opt for rechargeable AA batteries.

2. Pairing Error

Incorrect pairing and configuration errors tend to be the common reason behind volume and power not working properly. This is because if the remote control is not properly paired, the remote’s functions won’t be activated. It is recommended that you re-pair your remote control to Fios set-top box by following these instructions;

  • Turn on the Fios set-top box and hold the remote control close to the box
  • Press the OK and Fios TV buttons at once and release them when the LED light on your remote control starts blinking
  • Then, keep holding the play/pause button until the TV switches off (this will help your remote control search through the code database)
  • Now, press the power button to switch on your TV
  • Lastly, press the OK button as it’s important to save the code

Once the pairing is complete, you will be able to use the volume and power features pretty easily.

3. Reboot

One other reason behind the functionality error of the volume and power buttons is the signal issue. For this reason, we suggest that you reboot the device, which can be done by switching off the Fios set-top box and turning it back on after a few minutes. A reboot will help recover from the unresponsive state and optimize the configurations. Also, while you reboot the set-top box, make sure that you take out the batteries from the remote control and put them back once the set-top box is turned on.

4. Factory Reset The Remote 

If the volume and power features are still not working, we recommend that you reset your Fios TV remote control to its factory settings. For this purpose, you have to press and hold the 2 and OK buttons until the LED light on the remote blinks twice. Then, press the 9.0.0 code through the remote. It will reset the remote, so you can pair it again for proper usage.

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