4 Ways To Deal With Verizon FiOS Set Top Box No Data Connectivity

verizon fios set top box no data connectivity
verizon fios set top box no data connectivity

This might not be a new issue that many Verizon users are experiencing the no data connectivity problem. If you have a Verizon set top box, you may have noticed that your internet and live TV are both connected but no content is displayed on the screen, i.e. the TV guide on the set top box does not work. Therefore, if you have surfed half of the internet trying to solve this problem and still have not found a satisfactory solution, this article will assist you to troubleshoot the Verizon FiOS set top box no data connectivity issue.

Verizon FiOS Set Top Box No Data Connectivity

How do you know that you have a data connectivity issue? In most cases the TV makes it obvious that it is facing trouble accessing the contents of the channels. When you select the FiOS TV button from the remote control, the TV shows a “program not available “error. To solve this issue:

1. Check the Wiring

Usually, Verizon devices may malfunction due to improper wiring. Either the connections are loose or they are not made to the correct ports. This can cause a poor signal which can affect the devices connected to the set top box. Make sure that you plug in all the wirings again and restart your set top box.

2. Switch From Coax to Ethernet

If there is no data connectivity on your set top box, try connecting your set top to an Ethernet cable. By doing this step you will confirm whether the issue lies in the internet connectivity or not. Locate the coax cable port at the back of your set top box and disconnect it. Switch to an Ethernet cable for a faster and more reliable connection.

3. Reset the ONT (Optical Network Terminal)

If you have checked the wiring and switched from coax cable to an Ethernet connection and the issue persists, try resetting your ONT. It may be a reason that your ONT is not communicating with your internet that might cause this issue. Therefore, to reset your ONT disconnect the optical cable running into the ONT and wait for a few seconds. Plug in the cable again to resolve the issue.

4. Set Up Your Primary Router

It is important to understand the set-top boxes fetch their guide data over IP. That being said, Verizon service favors its routers as primary routers as opposed to your routers. This is because their routers have the technology of MoCA that provides an IP address to their set top boxes. If you remove your FiOS router then there is no way for your STB to communicate thus, losing the guide data. Therefore, if your FiOS router is not the primary router then you need to make sure that you:

  • Connect the FiOS WAN port to the LAN.
  • Purchase a MoCA bridge and connect it to the new LAN.

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