What Is Verizon Store Demo Mode? (5 Ways To Get Rid Of It)

verizon store demo mode
verizon store demo mode

Verizon is much more than a network carrier because they have designed the phones as well. These mobile phones are designed to meet a variety of needs but some of these phones have Verizon store demo mode which is kind of intriguing. This mode limits the usage of the phone and some people aren’t able to download the apps. In this article, we are sharing the information on the Verizon store demo mode for better information!

Store Demo Mode on Verizon – What Is It?

As the name suggests, the store demo mode is the mode installed on the phones. We are talking about the phones that are marketed at official Verizon stores. On the other hand, some people are unable to get rid of this mode even after paying for the phone. So, in the section below, we are sharing how to get rid of this mode!

1. Factory Reset

First of all, there are chances that the store demo mode is not uninstalled properly which leads to configuration issues. So, you need to make sure the phone has a fresh start that promises seamless performance. With this being said, you need to factory reset your Verizon phone. The factory reset will erase everything from your phone, along with wrong settings and configurations. All in all, factory reset will likely fix the demo mode on your phone.

2. Protection Updates

In case you are unable to get rid of the demo mode on Verizon, you need to make sure that you’ve uninstalled the protection update. Once you uninstall the protection update, the demo mode won’t show up again and you will have seamless user performance. In addition, you could try deleting the protection update and re-install it after some time.

3. Reset

For everyone who is struggling with the store demo mode on Verizon and are unable to get rid of it after the factory reset, you can opt for the recovery mode reset. Usually, people tend to use the menu-driven reset but it is not an effective choice. But again, if you want to persist for the recovery mode reset, you need to clear the partition cache. When you clear the cache, the bugs, and non-needed components will be removed that might be impacting the reset.

4. Swapping

So, if the troubleshooting methods and hacks are unable to eliminate the store demo mode, there are high chances that the phone is not right. With this being said, just visit the Verizon official store and they will swap the phone for you. So, a new phone and no mode issues. Even more, if Verizon is not swapping your phone (the chances are always less), we suggest that you get the phone to reflash done at the Verizon store.

5. Maas360

If the store demo mode on the phone is unable to be deleted, just reboot your phone. Once the phone restarts, install the Maas360 on your phone and call Verizon technical support. They will optimize the phone configuration and the issues will be resolved.

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