7 Ways To Fix T-Mobile Message Not Sent

t mobile message not sent
t mobile message not sent

T-Mobile has captured every network user’s preferences because of their top-notch network capacity and seamless connectivity. However, the users have been struggling with multiple issues on the network service provider’s line.

With this being said, the T-Mobile message not sent issue is one of them. For this purpose, we have outlined the troubleshooting methods in this article!

T-Mobile Message Not Sent Error

1. Restart

If you are unable to send the messages from the T-Mobile device, we suggest that you restart the device. If you don’t know, the mobile experts have said that restarting the mobile phone regularly helps sort the majority of issues. Similarly, you need to switch off your mobile phone and switch it on after two to five minutes. As a result, the message sending will be seamless.

2. Correct Network Data

When it comes down to the issue when you are unable to send the message on T-Mobile even after restarting, there are chances that you are connected to the wrong network data. With this being said, you need to ensure that your mobile phone is connected to the T-Mobile network rather than Wi-Fi.

3. Message Blocking

If by any chance your message blocking feature is switched on the specific receiver or number, you won’t be able to send the message. In some cases, the family allowances can be the culprit as well. So, we suggest checking these settings, and switch them off to ensure you can send the messages.

4. Service Outage

For everyone who is still unable to fix the message not sent issue, it’s highly likely that T-Mobile is struggling with the service outage. With this being said, if the signal bars on top of the mobile phone screen shows less than two signal bars, you need to check the service status. You can call T-Mobile customer support and make sure there is no service outage.

5. Phone Space

If you are struggling with the message sending issue, there might be chances that your mobile phone is low on space and storage. If this is the case, you need to ensure that 15% of your phone’s storage is free to ensure the message sending is streamlined. If space is less, we suggest clearing the extra data and try sending the message again. In addition to phone space, we suggest that you clear the Message app cache because it helps with the configuration issues that can lead to message issues.

6. Account Balance

While sending the message from your T-Mobile device, you need to ensure that the prepaid account has an ample account balance. This is because ranging from picture messages to text messages, you need the account balance to ensure the message is sent to the recipient without any issue.

7. Updates

When your mobile is not updated to the latest software, be it iOS or Android, it can result in strange issues and the inability to send the message is one of them. With this being said, you need to check for the software updates on your T-Mobile device. Once the software is downloaded and installed on your phone, we are pretty sure that issues will be resolved and messages will start working properly.

2 thoughts on “7 Ways To Fix T-Mobile Message Not Sent”

  1. “With this being said, you need to ensure that your mobile phone is connected to the T-Mobile network rather than Wi-Fi.”

    Does that mean that we’re simply unable to send texts while connected to our Wi-Fi? Should we be switching back and forth constantly, then?

    What if we’re in a rural area with minimal cell reception (despite those impressive maps we saw), and rely on Wi-Fi?

  2. Hi! Just wanna ask if what are other option we can do, because customer cannot receive any incoming text messages on his T-Mobile REVVL V+ device. It happens on all incoming text messages. Calls and data are working fine its just that the problem is the incoming text messages. We tried reset network settings, turn on/off the phone and try to send free text message on my end but still doesn’t go through customer cannot still receive it. Network is already TMONTWK.

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