4 Ways To Fix Green Light On Fire TV Recast

fire tv recast green light
fire tv recast green light

Alongside Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook, Amazon rounds off the top five technology companies in the world. While it mainly focuses on e-commerce, cloud technologies, streaming and artificial intelligence, the company designs high-end products for all kinds of uses.

One of these devices is the Fire TV Recast, which consists of a DVR, or a Digital Video Recorder. As the name says, it records whatever is being played on a TV during the time it is programmed to work.

That comes in handy when you can’t make it home before your favourite TV show starts playing. Just give Fire TV Recast the command and it will record it, giving you the opportunity to enjoy it later on.

As with so many products in the market nowadays, even the ones with the most advanced technologies, the Fire TV Recast is prone to experience an occasional issue. As manufacturers count on updates or even recalls to repair the problems that arise on the go, most of these issues can be fixed by the users.

In the case of the Fire TV Recast, the minor issue we refer to here is the one related to the green light on the device’s display. As users look for answers and fixes in online forums and Q&A communities, many of the comments to the reported issues bring useless fixes.

So, bear with us as we walk you through on four easy fixes to repair the green light issue with your Fire TV Recast.

What Is The Green Light Issue On Fire TV Recast?

As it goes, the universal colour for powered on devices is green. Even before any images are shown on your TV screen, the power LED is already green as you switch it on. In the case of your Fire TV Recast, it is no different, as the green light is an indicator that the device is turned on.

Nevertheless, as it has been reported by a fair amount of users, sometimes the green light switches on without any command to do so.

As the mysterious automatic switching on of the green light started popping up on forums and Q&A communities all over the internet, the manufacturers eased their customers’ worries. According to Amazon, the green light also works as an indicator that the device is undergoing a broadcast tuning.

While the manufacturer affirmed this is a normal procedure that usually takes a few minutes, users realised the green light was not switching off as it should once the tuning process was successfully completed.

Due to the manufacturers silence, users started looking on their own for the causes of this issue. After a while, most users reported it to be a software-related issue, suggesting some fixes customers could attempt to perform.

Today, we have brought you four easy fixes that any user can perform without any sort of risks to the equipment. So, without further ado, here is what you can attempt to get the green light issue fixed on your Fire TV Recast.

Ways To Fix Green Light On Fire TV Recast

  1. Check The Power Cables

Check The Power Cables

The first thing you want to do is check the power source. Since the green light is mainly an indicator that the device is switched on, that is where you should focus at first.

As per usual, the power connector is of the micro-USB type, so make sure it is properly connected to the device’s port on one end and to the power adapter on the other end.

The manufacturers suggest that users connect the power adapter to an open power outlet, which means avoiding using extension cables or plug hubs.

As a second measure to confirm if the power adapter is working as it should, you can attempt to connect a mobile USB charger cable to it and check if the device is receiving the normal amount of power.

  1. Give The Device A Restart

Give The Device A Restart

Although most users ignore this fact, electronic devices should be given time to rest every now and then. Leaving them on standby seems like a practical way to do it, but it actually isn’t. While it seems to be resting, there are a number of tasks and procedures being performed by the system.

This means the only efficient form of giving electronic devices a rest is to switch them off. In the case of the Fire TV Recast, there is a restart procedure that can be done through the system settings.

However, we strongly recommend you reset it by unplugging the power cord and plugging it back in after one or two minutes.

The restart procedure allows the device to troubleshoot all its operations, as well as getting rid of unnecessary and undesired temporary files that may be taking up too much space on the cache.

This means, once the device is fully restarted, it will be working from a fresh and clear starting point. So, should you opt for the restart procedure through the system, this is what you should do:

  • Grab the remote control and click on the home button, then go to the general settings screen.
  • Locate and access the Live TV tab to find the Live TV sources.
  • Select the Fire TV Recast option from the list of sources.
  • As you select it, a list of commands will appear on the screen, so just locate and select the restart option.
  • As a confirmation the restart is being performed, the LED light on the display of the device will turn blue.

This should help you get rid of the green light issue, but in the event it doesn’t, you can always attempt any of the next fixes.

  1. The Issue Could Be With The Hardware

The Issue Could Be With The Hardware

Should the restart procedure not solve the green light issue, there is a big chance the problem is not with the software, rather than with the hardware. If that is the source of the issue, we recommend you go to the back panel of the device and gently remove it.

Once the back panel is removed, take a look at the fuses and replace any that need it. Also, while the device is still open, check all the cable connections. A single misconnected cord could cause the device to experience issues.

Bear in mind that the whole removal and verifying procedure should be done with the device switched off.

  1. Contact Customer Support

Contact Customer Support

Last but not least, there is also the chance the issue is on the other end of things. That is to say, in the event that Amazon’s equipment is not fully functional for any reason, your device may experience connectivity issues and display the green light.

So, should you attempt the three easy fixes above and are still facing the green light issue, give Customer Support a call to check if the cause is not on their end.

Apart from informing you of any possible problems, the company’s highly trained professionals will help you examine and solve any sort of issue your device may be experiencing.

So, let them run their troubleshooting processes and get your equipment working as it should so that you can go back to enjoying your favourite TV shows anytime you want.

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