Cable Modem Reboot Due To Power Reset Issue: 4 Fixes

cable modem reboot due to power reset
cable modem reboot due to power reset

The cable modems are being widely used by people who use the cable internet. This is because the cable internet promises high-speed internet since it has zero chances of signal interference. However, some users are complaining about the “cable modem reboot due to power reset” issue. With this article, we are sharing the troubleshooting methods for it!

Cable Modem Reboot Due To Power Reset

1) Power Cycle

First of all, we suggest that you power cycle the modem. This is because the power reset can overdrive the modems, and performance issues will occur. That being said, the power cycle will fix the internet connection and resetting issue by removing the memory. Also, the power cycle will cool off the cable modem.

For this purpose, just remove the power cable from the cable modem and let the cable modem cool down. Once it’s cooled down, plug in the power cable, and we are certain that the constant rebooting will be resolved. It’s best to switch off the cable modem for one minute, and when the modem switches on, wait for two minutes to ensure the cable modem is properly switched on.

2) Modem Updates

In case power cycling didn’t work for the cable modem, you need to keep in mind the updates. The modem manufacturers tend to launch software upgrades for the modems. That being said, open the official website of the modem’s manufacturer and check for the availability of the update. If the software update is available, just download it, and the functionality will be optimized. Also, it’s best to keep looking for the updates and download them in a timely manner to avoid such issues!

3) The ISP Settings

In some cases, the cable modem starts acting up when there are backend issues with the internet service provider. These issues can lead to packet transmission issues. As a result, the internet connection will become corrupt, and the modem will keep rebooting on its own. In some cases, it will also result in connectivity issues.

For this purpose, you need to contact the internet service provider and explain this issue to them. This is because the issues might occur due to the backend issues with the internet service provider. It’s best to provide a detailed explanation on this issue, and they will provide the troubleshooting methods. Even more, they might offer technical help in case of mechanical issues.

4) Modem Replacement

The cable modem is likely to lead to such issues if it has worn out. Well, there is a reason that cable manufacturers launch the modem upgrades. That being said, there are higher chances that the modem has worn out. In simpler words, the build quality of the cable modem will directly impact the internet connection and performance.

For this purpose, we suggest that you replace the modem with a new version. Also, if you are replacing the cable modem, it’s better to order from the internet service provider. This is because they will suggest the cable modem that is suitable for the internet connection. All in all, once you choose the right cable modem, the continual rebooting will stop.

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