Netgear Powerline Adapter Connected But No Internet (4 Fixes To Try)

netgear powerline adapter connected but no internet
Netgear powerline adapter connected but no internet

The powerline adapters have become the ultimate method of improving wired internet connectivity. In addition, it helps achieve a strong internet connection in every corner of the house. For this reason, people opt for high-quality Netgear powerline adapters as they help improve connectivity. However, some users are concerned about the Netgear powerline adapter connected but no internet error. If you’re one of them, the problem can be fixed by following the solutions from this article!

Netgear Powerline Adapter Connected But No Internet Fix

1. The Circuit

To begin with, you need to ensure that the powerline adapters are connected to the same electrical circuit. If the powerline adapter can be connected in the same room, but when you move them to another room, the lights go out, it simply means that powerline adapters are connected to different circuits.

As a result, communication will be limited. Having said that, you need to ensure that powerline adapters are connected to the same circuit. Also, you must not connect the powerline adapter to power strings. Last but not least, you must put both adapters in the same room for configuration, but once it’s complete, you can move the adapter wherever you like.

2. Reset

Reset is another solution that you can try to get rid of the internet issues. For the reset, there is a reset button on the adapter that you need to press for a few seconds. When the LED lights blink, turn off, and turn on, it means that the reset is complete and the powerline adapter will be reverted to the factory default settings. However, before you perform a reset, you must understand that a factory reset will delete the network settings.

3. Firmware Upgrade

The firmware upgrades are essential for the powerline adapters to work properly and ensure a seamless network connection. However, if the internet is not working, downloading the firmware upgrade will be a step in the right direction. For firmware upgrade, open the Netgear account, select the powerline adapter model you are using, and download the available firmware upgrade. Also, when the firmware upgrade is downloading, you must not turn off the powerline adapter to make sure the firmware upgrade is complete.

4. Cables

Another factor that you need to check is the cables. This is because if the cables connected to the powerline adapters are damaged and have a loose connection, you need to get them fixed to optimize the internet signal transmission. This is important because the Ethernet connections depend on cables to transmit the internet signals and damaged cable can negatively impact the connectivity.

Secondly, you must check the Ethernet ports on the powerline adapter and make sure they aren’t corroded or damaged – the damaged Ethernet ports can interfere with the connectivity.

The Bottom Line

These are the possible solutions that can be tried to improve internet connectivity. However, if you still have connectivity issues, you can contact Netgear customer support and share the adapter’s model and network topology of the home to get proper assistance. You can reach out to Netgear customer support at 1-866-833-7699 – they are available 24/7.

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