3 Ways To Fix Fire TV Cube Yellow Light

fire tv cube yellow light
fire tv cube yellow light

Amazon is renowned in a worldwide fashion as the most famous online retailer. But not only by selling other brands’ products does this giant survive.

They also produce and sell their own products, amongst which are electronic book readers, books, CDs and DVDs, baby products, electronics, beauty products and many more. Their virtual assistant, Alexa, surprised the market and led Amazon to the top tier in this segment as well.

Alongside Alexa, Amazon began offering solutions for Smart TVs, all in connection with Alexa, of course. Amongst their services and products, customers could find the Fire TV, Firestick and Fire TV cube.

The Fire TV cube, which is clearly one of the flagship products of the retail giant, is a hands-free streaming device with voice remote control.

It supports all the apps and services of the Fire TV, such as Prime Video and Music, Amazon Music, and many third-party platforms, amongst which are Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Sling TV, Twitch, etc.

The biggest and most noticeable difference between the Fire TV cube and its predecessor is the performance. Apart from that, the cube delivers a more affordable service, which led the device to become the top sales amongst Amazon customers last year.

In the end, affordability and performance combined helped the Fire TV cube stand alone in the top position.

How Common Is This Issue With The Cube? What Causes It?

Even with all its attributes, top-notch performance and affordability, the Fire TV cube is not entirely free from issues. As it has been most recently reported throughout online forums and Q&A communities, there is an issue that is hindering the performance of the device.

According to the reports, the issue causes a yellow light to appear on the cube’s display and many of the features, if not all, become instantly unavailable. Some users have already identified the issue to be related to a lack of internet connection, which would explain the unavailability of the services.

Due to the fact that the Fire TV cube works mainly as a streaming device of cloud-based content, an internet connection is mandatory for the service to work.

Should you find yourself amongst those users, bear with us as we walk you through three easy fixes for the yellow light issue with Fire TV cube and help you get rid of this problem. So, without further ado, here is what you can do, without any risk of damage to the equipment.

How To Solve The Yellow Light Issue With Amazon Fire TV Cube?

How To Solve The Yellow Light Issue With Amazon Fire TV Cube

First of all, let’s understand what the yellow light issue is and what are its main causes. Many users sought, in online forums and Q&A communities, the help of their fellow users to find both an explanation and a solution for this issue.

According to many of the comments written by users on these webpages, the issue seems to be directly related to the internet connection. That is to say, the device system uses the yellow light to inform the users that the internet connection is no longer working.

And, as mentioned before, the Fire TV cube requires an internet connection to streamline the cloud-based services.

There are a number of reasons why the internet connection might not be working. From a momentary outage due to external factors, through the malfunctioning of a router or modem until a technical issue with the provider’s equipment.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to identify the cause of the internet connection outage in order to re-establish it and allow the Fire TV cube to resume working.

Many users reported that the yellow light issue could be easily fixed, and most of them commented that the fixes were pretty easy, and that any user could attempt them. So, in order to make your life easier, we brought you today a list of the three most practical fixes for the yellow light issue.

  1. How Is The Internet Coverage In Your Area?

How Is The Internet Coverage In Your Area

Even though this is an issue that most users are not even worried about experiencing, as internet providers offer excellent coverage nowadays, it has been reported to happen more often than you can imagine.

As it goes, most ISPs, or Internet Service Providers, deliver signals that reach pretty much everywhere in the U.S. territory, but not necessarily under the required speed or stability the Fire TV cube demands.

Additionally, not only does the cube have to be connected to the internet, but also to any intermediaries such as modems and routers.

Therefore, make sure the internet connection you have in your home is fast and stable enough to handle all these devices connected at the same time. A good way to check if your internet connection is strong enough is by running a speed test.

Nowadays, a number of speed tests can be performed online and free of cost, so just choose the one you prefer and have it run a test on your connection. Should it not be fast enough for all these devices, make sure to get an upgrade on your plan so you can enjoy the excellent service of the Fire TV cube uninterruptedly.

Alternatively, you can simply connect a different device to the same network and check if the signal is being well received and that it is also enough for the device features to perform as they should.

  1. Give The Fire TV Cube A Reboot

Give The Fire TV Cube A Reboot

Should you check the internet coverage and it says that the speed is enough, but you’re still experiencing the yellow light issue, you might want to consider rebooting the Fire TV cube and the router.

Even though many experts do not consider the reboot procedure an effective solution for these kinds of issues, it actually does more than that.

Not only will the process will troubleshoot minor configuration and compatibility issues, but it will also clear the cache from unnecessary temporary files and allow the system to resume operating from a fresh starting point.

Performing a reboot of the Fire TV cube and of the router at the same time will cause both devices to redo all their connections and, should they identify any errors in that time, it will solve them.

Forget about reset buttons of the back of the device and simply grab the power cord and unplug it from the power outlet. Then, give it a minute or two, and plug it back again.

After that, simply wait for the rebooting procedure to be successfully completed and the yellow light issue should be gone, as the connection will be re-established and free from errors.

  1. Try Reconnecting To The Wireless Network

Try Reconnecting To The Wireless Network

In the event you attempt the two fixes above and still suffer with the yellow light issue, there is a chance the connection has not been properly re-established after the reboot.

That means you will probably have to redo it so the devices work as they should, and the Fire TV cube can streamline the content into your Smart TV. So, go to the general settings and, from there, the network configuration.

Locate the wireless connection guide and access it to find the list of available Wi-Fi connections. You will probably notice your own Wi-Fi network amongst the first positions on the list, so click on it and insert the password if prompted to do so. Then, simply await as the devices re-establish the connection.

Since you have recently performed a full reboot of the system, including the Fire TV cube and the router, the devices will probably not connect automatically. That is because the restarting procedure clears the cache and erases the temporary files that enable the auto-connection feature.

That is why you will probably need to manually connect the Fire TV cube to the Wi-Fi network afterwards.

Once the connection is re-established, check if the internet signal is properly reaching the cube and, in the event that does not happen, make sure to contact your internet service provider’s customer support and have your internet connection checked.

Your internet provider technicians will surely know how to give you a hand or guide you through any other possible fixes. Also, should everything be okay with your internet connection, contact Amazon customer support, as there may be something wrong with your Fire TV cube.

The Last Word

On a final note, should you find out about any other easy fixes for the yellow light issue with the Fire TV cube, make sure leave us a note to leave us a note in the comments section. By doing so, you will be helping your fellow readers get rid of this issue and enjoy the outstanding content the Fire TV cube can deliver.

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