4 Steps To Fix Green Light Blinking On Comcast Cable Box

green light on cable box
green light on cable box

The green light on your Comcast cable box contains information in regards to your cable TV connection status. Depending on whether the lights are solid, blinking, or off, you will be able to see the current connection status.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the four known green light issues on your Comcast cable box.

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Green Light On Comcast Cable Box

1. Persistent Blinking Of The Green Light:

If your Comcast cable box is persistently giving off blinking light, it means your Digital Adapter is not yet fully activated or authorized. In order to authorize your cable box, you’ll need to contact the Comcast Service hotline.

2. Long And Continuous Blinking Of Green Light:

A lengthy, continuous blinking of the green light on your digital box is set to “hunt” mode by default, which means your device is not yet ready to be authorized.

Wait until your Comcast cable box shows at least two short blinks. Once you see these, it is ready for authorization.

If the lengthy, continuous blinking persists, you may need to rest the device by switching it off for at least five minutes and then switching it back on. If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to contact the Customer Service team.

string of three short blinks of green light system update

3. String Of Three Short Blinks Of Green Light:

Three short blinks indicate that your device is undergoing an update. Once the update is complete, the light will stop blinking, and you’re good to go.

4. String Of Two Short Blinks Of Green Light:

Next, when your Comcast cable box gives off two short green light blinks, it indicates your digital adapter is ready for authorization.

After authorizing your device, the green LED light will stop blinking and display a solid green light. Your cable box is now working, and you can connect it to your TV device and begin streaming.

The table below summaries the important information from this article for your easy reference:

Green Light BehaviorIndicationAction to Take
Persistent BlinkingYour device is not yet fully activated or authorizedPlease contact Comcast Service Hotline
Long and Continuous BlinkingYour device on “hunt” mode, not ready to be authorizedWait for device to show two short blinks (ready for authorize). If blinking persists, switch off device for 5 mins and try again. If fails, please contact Comcast Service Hotline
String of Three Short BlinksYour device is undergoing an updateWait until update is complete. The light will change to solid green once update is complete.
String of Two Short BlinksYour device is ready for authorizationAuthorize your device. The light will change to solid green once authorization is complete.
Solid GreenYour device is ready for normal usageEnjoy your TV and streaming services


Finally, once you authorize your Comcast cable box, you should be able to enjoy uninterrupted streaming services. If you do have further issues with the green light blinking, you’ll need to reset it by switching the device off for at least five minutes before switching it back on.

If this fails to resolve the problem, get in touch with the Customer Support team for further advice and assistance.

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  1. I have an Xfinity digital box in bedroom, XiD-P. About 3:30am ea morning it starts blinking 3-4 times and then green light stays stationary. What causes this? Is it a problem?

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