Samsung TV Home Button Not Working: 5 Ways To Fix

samsung tv home button not working
samsung tv home button not working

The advent of Smart TVs has increased over the course of time. This is why multiple brands have designed and launched the smart TV, but Samsung still wins the game, right? But still, some Samsung TV users are complaining about the Samsung TV home button not working. It can really impact the functionality, so let’s have a look at the troubleshooting methods!

Samsung TV Home Button Not Working

1) Discharging The Remote

When the home button stops working, the first solution is to try discharging the remote. The discharging is highly likely to fix the home button issue. For discharging the remote, you can follow the steps mentioned in the section below;

  • Firstly, you’ve to remove the back case from the remote
  • Once the case is off, take out the batteries
  • Now that the batteries are out, press any button on the remote for twenty seconds
  • After twenty seconds, take your finger off the button and add new batteries (you cannot add the old batteries)

2) Reset

In the majority of cases, discharging the remote should work, but if the menu button is not working, you have to reset the Samsung TV. For resetting the Samsung TV, you have to follow the instructions mentioned below;

  • In the first step, you have to switch on the TV and open the settings
  • From the settings, open the general tab and scroll down to the reset button
  • You will need to enter the code (0000) for resetting. When you enter the code, press the reset button
  • As a result, the TV will be reset and will reboot
  • When the TV switches on, the menu button is likely to start working again

3) Reboot

We understand that we suggested the reset, but it will delete the settings. For this reason, you should try rebooting the Samsung TV. The reboot is a soft troubleshooting method but can fix the issue in the majority of cases. The Samsung TV can be rebooted by removing the power cord. The power cord will cut off the electric connection. After ten minutes, switch on the TV by plugging in the power cord. As a result, the TV will switch on, and you’ll be able to use the menu button.

4) Software Update

In case you are using the Smart TV, the software must be updated to ensure proper functionality. Samsung launches the software updates on a regular basis, and you must download them on time. That being said, just check the official Samsung website and download the software update if it is available. When the software update is downloaded and installed on the TV, reboot the TV and try using the menu button again.

5) Button Issue

If updating the software didn’t resolve the issue, it’s highly likely that the button is not working or has gone bad. In this case, the button will need to be replaced. If the TV is in warranty, call Samsung support, and they will provide the repair service. On the contrary, you can also call third-party technicians to replace or fixing the menu button. However, ensure that technicians are specialized to fix the Samsung TVs.

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