Amazon Fire TV White Light Blinking: 4 Ways To Fix

amazon fire tv white light blinking
amazon fire tv white light blinking

Those who are looking for the best entertainment platform have surely found in Amazon Fire TV an outstanding contender. With its almost infinite content, the service delivers excellent quality of both audio and video, as well as an endless catalogue of TV shows.

Its compatibility with the gaming experience is a plus and gives Amazon a stable position amongst the streaming platforms with the most subscribers. Through a single HDMI cable, users can choose from thousands of channels, including, Netflix, HBO, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Prime, amongst others.

Surely, regular users have already noticed that Amazon products are more recommended or more displayed while browsing through the content, and that should not be weird as the platform is an Amazon one!

Apart from the enormous list of TV channels, Amazon Fire TV can be configured to use Alexa as its personal assistant, bringing the control of your entertainment to a whole new level.

Nevertheless, even with its outstanding quality and its almost infinite content, Amazon Fire TV is not free from issues. As it has been reported by many, users are experiencing an issue that causes the screen to go black and display an error message saying that there is no signal.

Additionally, it has been reported that a white light keeps blinking on the device. Furthermore, upon suffering with the issue, users were not able to get any response from the device either through the remote control or after attempting to reset it. It’s pretty disappointing stuff, all things being taken into account.

So, should you find yourself amongst these users, bear with us as we walk you through four easy fixes any user can attempt in order to get rid of the white light issue on Amazon Fire TV. So, without further ado, here is what you can attempt to get rid of the issue and enjoy your streaming sessions uninterrupted.

Amazon Fire TV White Light Blinking

As mentioned before, many users have reported the flashing white light issue to occur when you least expect it. Therefore, if you are experiencing the same problem, here is what you can attempt to get rid of it.

  1. Disconnect And Reconnect The Power Cord

Disconnect And Reconnect The Power Cord

Although some users have reported that the issue remained after a simple reboot of the Amazon Fire TV device, some others mentioned that it can also be an effective troubleshooting technique.

By allowing the device to restart, you will be giving it a chance to resume its activity from a fresh starting point. Additionally, the restarting process also troubleshoots the system for minor configuration or connectivity issues.

So, go ahead and unplug the power cord from the power outlet and let it rest for a few minutes. Then, plug it back again and let the device run its rebooting protocols. That should already get rid of the flashing white light issue, and you will be able to enjoy your streaming sessions without further interruptions.

At least, that will be the case for some of you. If not, we’ll need to try something else.

  1. Are The Cables and Connections Properly Set Up?

Are The Cables and Connections Properly Set Up?

As Amazon Fire TV runs not only on internet signals, but also on electricity, it is necessary to check if all cables and connections are properly established and in good shape.

All HDMI cables should be firmly inserted into the ports on both ends and Ethernet cords should be connected to the correct port as well. Give the whole system a complete check for possible misconnections or simply redo all the cabling.

Afterwards, the flashing white light issue should be gone. Bear in mind that a reboot of the device and of the TV might aid the system in the reconnection procedure. So, once you redo all the cabling, give everything a restart and let the devices re-establish the connections.

Lastly, while you redo the connections, make sure to inspect the cables for fraying or broken connectors. If you notice anything that looks damaged, the only thing to do is replace the offending item before trying again.

  1. Give The Router A Reboot

Give The Router A Reboot

Even though the restarting process is not deemed efficient as a troubleshooting technique by all tech experts, it can actually help the device get rid of issues such as these.

When it comes to routers, the rebooting process allows the system to clear the cache and delete unnecessary temporary files, troubleshoot minor configuration errors, and resume working from a fresh starting point.

As it has been reported by some users, disconnecting the HDMI and Ethernet cables while the rebooting process is undergoing might help getting rid of possible connection errors.

Considering that connection problems might well cause the flashing white light issue to happen, by doing so, the odds you get rid of the problem are higher.

Bear in mind that, once the restarting procedure is successfully complete, you will be prompted to go through the configuration steps. So, keep the login info to hand in order not to waste any time.

Once all that is done, you will be able to enjoy Amazon Fire TV’s endless content with the promised excellent quality of audio and video.

  1. Give Customer Support A Call

Give Customer Support A Call

Should you attempt all the three fixes above and still experience the flashing white light issue that is stopping you from enjoying your streaming sessions, you might want to consider contacting customer support.

Since Amazon’s professionals are used to dealing with a variety of issues and its corresponding causes, there is a fairly decent chance they will be able to help you get rid of this one.

Also, should it be necessary, you can schedule a technical visit and let them not only check the whole system for any sort of larger issue, but to repair any misconnections or misconfigurations at the same time.

On a final note, should you find out about new easy ways to fix the flashing white light issue with Amazon Fire TV, let us know in the comments. By doing so, you will be helping our fellow readers getting rid of this problem and enjoy the almost infinite content Amazon offers through this platform.

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