DSL Light On Internet Light Off (3 Ways To Fix)

dsl light on internet light off
dsl light on internet light off

DSL modems have a few lights on them that are blinking or on to indicate the status of different components. That way, you can see if your DSL modem is connected to the DSL cable, your PC and the internet. These lights might be of several colors but they can surely tell you if there is something wrong and how can you fix it. To understand the issues better, you need to understand how a DSL modem works and what each light means on the DSL modem.

What is a DSL Modem and how it works?

A DSL modem is a modulator-demodulator device that converts the analog signals from your DSL line to digital signals so they can be read by your computer. It similarly converts the digital signals from the computer to analog ones so they can be transmitted over the DSL line.

The modem works in certain ways, but usually, a DSL modem can only be used to connect one PC at a time. This means that you can use one DSL line for one PC to have it connected to the internet. The modem has an input port for DSL cable and an output port for your PC that can take an Ethernet cable to be connected with your PC. There are some status indicator lights on your PC that will show you the connectivity and other statuses on your DSL modem such as

DSL light

A DSL light is an indicator of your DSL modem that will be green if your DSL cable is connected to the modem. If there are some issues with the connectivity of the cable is not plugged in, the light will not be turning on. That means you need to check the DSL cable if it is plugged in properly or for any signs of apparent damage to it.

Ethernet light

Ethernet light reflects the connectivity of your DSL modem to your PC. If your DSL modem is not connected to your PC, the light will not turn on and you will need to check the Ethernet cable between your PC and your DSL modem to fix it.

Internet light

This is the most important one as it reflects the Internet connectivity. Your connection with DSL and ethernet cable is no good if you are not being able to connect with the internet. If this light is on that means you are connected to the internet and vice versa.

Power light

Power light needs no explanation but it is important to mention as the power light indicates the connection of your modem to a switch and if your power light is not on. That means your modem is off, and you need to check the switch for it.

DSL Light on, Internet Light off

While most of us believe that DSL light indicates internet connectivity, that is not entirely true. If your DSL light is on, that means your Modem has good connectivity with DSL cable. It does not necessarily mean that you are connected to the internet as well.

People often face the issue when their DSL light is on but Internet light is off and is looking for a fix for it. To start with, it only means that your DSL cable is working out well, but you have some issues with connecting to the internet. You need to take the following steps to fix this issue.

1) Unplug and plug-in again the cables

This might seem like the most basic of solutions but it does work wondrously most of the time. What you need to do is carefully unplug the DSL cable and Ethernet cable from your modem and plug them in again to connect with the internet again.

2) Restart your modem

Restarting your modem might fix out the issue for you and you will be connected to the internet again since your DSL connection is good and its light is turned on already.

3) Check the network settings at your PC

It is quite possible that you might have blocked internet access from your PC mistakenly or you don’t remember doing it. You will need to run a check on your networking settings that they are not blocking internet access to your PC.

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