6 Ways To Fix Dish Wireless Network Setup Grayed Out

dish network wireless setup grayed out
dish network wireless setup grayed out

The Dish has become a seamless choice for everyone who needs special stations and channels, along with the TV shows, movie channels, and News channels. However, the dishes work properly through internet connections and networks. So, if the dish network wireless setup grayed out the issue is impacting your overall experience, we have added several troubleshooting methods that you can choose from!

Dish Wireless Network Setup Grayed Out

1. Cables

For everyone who is using the hard or wired cable connections for optimizing the network connection, you need to ditch the cables. This is because the cables can often lead to the grey-out issue with the network. With this being said, you need to develop a wireless connection for optimal functionality and streaming.

2. Connection Count

When it comes down to the dish networks, we are pretty sure that you would be using the Hopper for optimal entertainment. With this being said, if there is more than one network connection on the list, we suggest that you eliminate the connections and bring it down to one. This is because Hopper only offers one network connection at a time.

3. Network Adapter

If the wireless setup has been grayed out, we suggest that you reset the network adapter options because it sets up the default network settings. If you want to reset the network adapter, you need to click on the start button and move to the settings. After opening the settings, move to the network and internet tab and navigate to the status.

In the status window, tap on the network reset option and click on the reset now option. You will need to provide the confirmation after pressing this option. Once the wireless network adapter has been reset, you need to reboot the computer and the greyed-out issue will be resolved.

4. Network Troubleshooter

When the Dish network wireless setup has been greyed out, there are chances of minor connection issues on the network. With this being said, you can use the network troubleshooter on your computer and it will fix the possible causes. If you don’t know how to run the network troubleshooter, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • First of all, go to the settings through the start menu
  • Navigate to the network and internet tab
  • Move to the status menu
  • Now, click on change the network settings
  • Tap on the network troubleshooter
  • Once you click on it, just follow the prompts on the screen and the troubleshooting will be completed

5. Network Drivers

When the wireless network drivers have been corrupted, it will lead to the greyed-out issue on the wireless setup. With this being said, you either need to reinstall the wireless network drivers or update them. You can also scan for the potential hardware changes and update the hardware equipment accordingly for better results.

6. Reboot

In case you are struggling with the network wireless setup greyed-out issue, it might be the internet connection that should be blamed. With this being said, you need to reboot your modem or router. We suggest taking out the power cord of the modem/router for three to five minutes before plugging in the power cord again. After the modem/router restarts, you will be able to connect to the Dish network.

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