Zyxel Router Red Internet Light: 6 Ways To Fix

zyxel router red internet light
zyxel router red internet light

Internet users are in a constant search for the ultimate set-up that will deliver the best possible performance. They often recur to the most expensive equipment, as the most advanced technologies are usually found therein. 

However, sometimes, the most expensive pieces of network equipment are not the ones that deliver the best performance, either for speed, or stability.

Zyxel, one of the largest Taiwanese telecommunications companies, has been developing network solutions for the past 30 years. Their routers are a testament to them, with customers often showing their satisfaction by purchasing other products from the company. 

Zyxel routers

However, that is not the reality for all Zyxel customers, as the most recent reports indicate. According to some of them, Zyxel routers are experiencing an issue that is rendering them unable to access the internet as a red light blinks on the internet LED on the front display of the device.

Since users have been looking for answers as to what that red light is trying to say, we came up with a set of information every Zyxel customer should know. 

So, sit back and let us walk you through the info regarding the LED lights in the front display of Zyxel routers and what they are trying to tell you. 

Once you get a better understanding of the LED lights on the panel, we can then lead you to the part where we show you how to fix the red internet light issue.

What Are The Lights On My Zyxel Router Trying To Say?

The LED lights on Zyxel routers do not differ much from any of the other ones on the market. Pretty much every router has the same functions and, since the lights are there to tell you which features are properly working and which need attention, they shouldn’t differ much.

So, in order for you to understand better what the lights in a router are trying to tell you, let us walk you through the list of features these lights represent:

  • Power Light: This LED indicates whether the device is properly connected to a power source and if enough current is reaching its electronic components. Should the light blink in red, then there is something wrong with either the electrical system of the device or even with the power grid of your home or office.
  • 2.4G and 5G Light: This LED indicates which network bands are available and which one you are connected to. A red blinking light on this LED indicates that either one or the other band is not available or that there is some sort of problem with the connection.

          Attempting to connect to the band that is functioning should get rid of the problem.

  • WAN Light: This LED indicates that the connection with the modem is properly established and is running without any interference. If a red light blinks on that LED it indicates an issue with the connection between the router and the modem. Check your cables and network settings to fix the problem.
  • Ethernet Lights: Zyxel routers come with four Ethernet ports, which means a series of devices can be connected to the router. These lights should remain white unless any of the ports are in use, which should turn the LED light green. Otherwise, should there be any problem with the Ethernet connection, this LED should turn red and you might want to check the cable or the condition of the connected device.
  • WPS Light: This LED indicates if the security protocols of the router are properly established. A red light blinking here should indicate your router security features are not all up and running. Going through the security settings should solve the problem.
  • USB Lights: Zyxel routers also come with two USB ports to perform that type of connection with devices that allow it. A red light blinking here should indicate a problem with the connected device or even with the USB cable.

How To Fix The Red Internet Light Issue?

The last LED light on the list is the internet one and it indicates if the connection is properly established and running. That one can actually be affected by any other aspect of the router’s functioning. For example, should there be a weak power intake, the internet might not work. 

Also, a poor connection with the modem or a lack of wireless bands should also produce the same result. Therefore, a red light on the internet LED can mean a series of things.

So, should you notice the internet LED is blinking in red, go through the six fixes below and the odds you will get the issue out of the way are fairly good.

1. Give The Router A Restart

Give The Router A Restart

Even though the restart procedure is not recognised by many experts as an effective problem-solver, it actually is quite helpful in this case. Not only it will troubleshoot minor configuration and compatibility errors, but it will also clear the cache from unnecessary temporary files. 

These files may be overfilling the system’s memory and causing the device to run slower than normal. So, getting rid of them is always a good idea.

unplug the power cord from the outlet

Should you decide to attempt fixing the issue through a restart, forget about the reset button hidden somewhere on the back of the device. Simply unplug the power cord from the outlet and let it rest for at least two minutes before plugging it back in again.

During that time, the device’s system should take care of whatever problem it may be experiencing and resume operating from a fresh and free-from-error starting point

Since the connection with the modem will be re-established from scratch, the odds the restarting procedure fixes the red internet light issue are pretty high.

2. Give The Router A Factory Reset

If a restart is not enough to get the device rid of the red internet light issue, you might want to consider performing a factory reset on the device. The factory reset restores the parameters, settings, and components to their primary condition. 

It is like getting a new one again. Additionally, once the procedure is successfully completed, you will be able to go through the initial configuration and solve whatever problems might have arisen from that stage of the setup.

To perform a factory reset on your Zyxel router, simply grab a pin or paper clip (avoid sharp objects here, as they might damage the reset button permanently) and press the reset button in for at least 15 seconds

As the LED lights start blinking, the factory reset procedure will start its diagnostics and protocols. In the end, just like with the restarting option, the connection with the modem should be re-established from scratch, which gives the router one more opportunity to fix issues in that stage.

3. Check The Connection

Check The Connection

The source of the red internet light on Zyxel routers might not always be with the user end. As it goes, ISPs, or Internet Service Providers experience more issues with their equipment than they would like to assume. 

So, keep an eye out for their notices in your email inbox or through their social media profiles. Normally, whenever there is an outage or if your carrier’s equipment is under maintenance, they will inform customers about it.

4. Check The Cables

Check The Cables

Cables and connectors are as important as the internet signal itself. Poorly connected cables or malfunctioning connectors should bring on the same results as a lack of internet signal. For Zyxel routers, this may mean the red internet light blinking. 

So, make sure to keep the cables and connectors in optimal condition to ensure the best possible performance of your network.

5. Update Firmware

Updates are regularly released as issues come around and are reported by users. So, keep an eye out for firmware update files Zyxel launches as they can repair the issue that is causing the red internet light issue on your router.

6. Contact Customer Support

consider contacting customer support

Should you attempt all the fixes above and still experience the red internet light issue with your Zyxel router, then you might want to consider contacting customer support

Their highly trained professionals are used to dealing with all sorts of issues and will surely have a few tricks you can attempt. In case the fixes they suggest are above your tech expertise, they can also come by for a visit and get the issue out of the way on your behalf.

On a final note, should you know about other easy fixes for the red internet light with Zyxel routers, make sure to tell us all about them. Drop a message in the comments section and help your fellow readers save some headaches down the way. 

Also, every piece of feedback helps us build a stronger community. Therefore, don’t be shy and tell us all about what you found out!

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