5 Ways To Fix Blinking Internet Light On Router

internet light blinking on router
internet light blinking on router

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would know that the internet is the obvious reality of the modern-day. However, the wireless routers struggle with a fair share of issues, and the internet light blinking on the router is one of them. So, if you are going through a similar issue, we have outlined some easy fixes for you to bring back the internet connection!

Blinking Internet Light On Router – What Does It Mean?

Before we start with the troubleshooting methods, one needs to understand the meaning behind the internet light blinking. So, the blinking light means that the router is having a hard time connecting to the internet and the internal signals are weak. So, you can revive the internet connection by following the below-mentioned tricks;

1. Connection Between Modem & Router

The prime reason for the blinking internet light on the router is the faulty connection between the modem and the router. In this case, you need to check the USB cable connection between these two devices, and if there are faults, make sure to install a new USB cable. In the same way, use this USB cable for inserting into the WAN port.

2. Restart

If the light is still blinking after replacing the USB cable, you need to restart the router. With this being said, switch off the router by taking out the power adapter. In addition, make sure to remove the cable connections and wait for around one minute. Then, you can use the ethernet cable to connect the router and modem together and connect the power adapter as well. Once you’ve plugged in everything, switch on the router, and let it establish a proper connection.

3. Modem

Rather than using the wireless connection, we suggest that you use the ethernet cable to connect the router to the device (your computer). There are chances that it will fix the internet connection. In addition, make sure that the modem is in working at its optimal rate. If the modem is all good, you can call the internet service provider and ask them about the connectivity issue at the backend.

4. Firmware

In case the light is still blinking on the router and you are unable to connect to the internet even after all these troubleshooting methods, there are chances that your router’s firmware is dated. With this being said, you need to update the router’s firmware. The firmware can be downloaded from the official website. Also, once the firmware has been installed, connect the router to the device and you will be able to fix the internet connection and blinking light.

5. Reset

Well, this might be your last resort if nothing else is working out the internet blinking light. So, you need to reset the router. In this case, you need to press the reset button and press it for around ten seconds (you might need to use the needle for pressing this button). This will reset the router and it will automatically reboot. So, did you manage to fix the blinking light on the router?

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