Does Using A Splitter Slow Down The Internet?

does using a splitter slow down internet
does using a splitter slow down internet

Does Using A Splitter Slow Down The Internet

Cable splitter has enough power to reduce signal strength but affects the internet speed too much extent. However, it is observed that splitters sometimes weaken internet connection.

Coming towards the coax cable splitter, it can reduce the power output. The output keeps getting decreased with the number of splitters used as the power consumption gets higher. However, this shift in power does not bother to affect the internet speed much. Still, it can potentially harm the well-being of signal strength.

Besides, few modems need powerful signal strength to work, splitters giving out the reduced power signal strength can ultimately affect internet connection speed. Moreover, the compatible placing of splitters has also so much to do with fast internet

An Internet connection can go down due to many reasons; the main reasons are:

  • Addition of two-way splitter.
  • Unexpected movements of the cable modem.
  • Use of an amplifier.
  • Regularly changing and extending
  • Unexpected network outage

What Does Ethernet Cable Do?

Ethernet cables were created to make your internet connection much faster and influential. But instead, these are demeaning the internet speed. There could be a significant power loss of about 10 to signal strength hence the internet connection speed. A Cat 5e Ethernet cable tends to support 1000 Mbps. Ethernet splitter is qualified for supporting 100 Mbps. Therefore, you are highly recommended to get an Ethernet switch instead of an Ethernet splitter.

How To Get A Get Good Internet Speed With Splitters?

If you want to keep up with your current Ethernet cable splitter, it is totally fine. There are few ways out there by which Ethernet cable splitter or any sort of splitter won’t affect your signal strength either your internet connection speed. Quality varies with Ethernet splitters. That’s why always make sure that you are using a good quality splitter. Sometimes it is enough to help; however, if a new splitter acts up as well, then you can try out the following troubleshooting ways to get rid of the slow internet connection.

1. Proper Configuration:

After the appropriate configuration of the splitter, it shouldn’t be reducing Ethernet modem speeds. Instead, it should facilitate the working of signal strength hence your internet connection speed.

2. Proper Testing Of Newly Installed Splitter:

After you choose the best-quality Ethernet splitter, it is the responsibility of the cable guy to install the Ethernet splitter properly. After installation, the guy will run several performance tests on the leads emerging out of the splitter to make sure if the signal strength is generated actively.

Upon checking, if the signal strength remains excellent, then the speed of your internet connection would definitely be high. However, if the signal is generated too weak, then the cable guy still has the option to reinstall the cable, starting from a new drop to the house from the pole. Otherwise, he could replace the old cable splitter with the new one. If both of these ways work out and the splitter problem occurs later, then you can go for furthermore troubleshooting steps.

3. Try New DNS Server:

Sometimes the real issue lies with your current DNS servers instead of the Ethernet splitters you are using. Therefore, we have discussed earlier how much it is essential to test your splitter performance. Anyways, problematic DNS servers can drastically slow down your internet speed, switching them would help a lot.

4. Contact ISP And Report The Issue:

DNS servers are often provided to you by your Internet Service Provider ISP. Therefore, if the new DNS servers didn’t work well for you, immediately contact the ISP or file a report later.

5. Disconnect Splitters:

If adopting any way couldn’t help you with fastening your internet connection, then it is high time you disconnect them for better signal strengths and speeds. After disconnecting the splitters, examine the working of your internet connection if it works fine then keep splitters disconnected.


However, it is assumed that splitters have nothing to do with the slow internet connection even though it can crash the signal strength. Some say that getting a high-quality splitter will be of no problem. Neither will it hit your signal strength and internet connection. Although, it is always better to use Ethernet switches than Ethernet cable splitters.

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