Chromecast Blinking White Light, No Signal: 3 Ways To Fix

chromecast blinking white light no signal
chromecast blinking white light no signal

If you love to enjoy fantastic video content, then Chromecast is something made for you. It will allow you to watch amazing Netflix, Amazon, and other video content by simply connecting to your phone. But, there may be some occasions what you may have issues with the Chromecast.

Recently, people reported about the Chromecast displaying white light with no signal on it. It is something that may frustrate you. So, if you are going through such things, then this article is the solution for you. Here, we will first let you know about the white light on your Chromecast, and then we will tell you some of the best troubleshooting methods to avoid this issue.

Chromecast Blinking White Light, No Signal: What Does It Mean?

Digital devices display different lights to show certain signals. But, does it mean when the Chromecast is displaying a solid white light. To be precise, the white light on the Chromecast is the indicator that either the device is receiving and not available for casting, or it may be because the Chromecast is disconnected and needs set up.

So, we are here with you to overcome this issue with the below-mentioned troubleshooting methods. You only need to keep on scrolling the article, and all of your problems will fade away.

1) Power Off The TV

Sometimes what you need is only a restart. Most of the time, you are using your Chromecast device for so long without providing it rest. So, according to Google support, if you are facing a blinking white light on your Chromecast with no signals on it, then what you need to do is unplug your TV and then wait for a minute or two.

Now, plug in the TV, and you will notice that the white light is gone and the signals are back to the device. It is one of the most preferred solutions by Google support to overcome the white light issue.

2) Switch The HDMI Or TV

The issue may be with your HDMI port or with your TV set, and you are for no reason blaming the Chromecast device. If you want to know that whether the issue is with your HDMI port or TV or it is with the Chromecast device, you need to change the HMDI port.

Once you have switched the HDMI port and the device is still displaying the white light, and there are no signals, you need to change the TV set and see if it is resolved.

3) Call Customer Care

If the issue isn’t resolved by the above-given methods (that hardly happens), you need to reach out to the customer care center. They will help you to overcome the issue that you are facing. You need to call them and tell them your device model and the issue you are facing. It will help you to avoid the white light and no signal issue.


In the article, you will find some of the best troubleshooting methods to eliminate your issues. So, follow the draft to the end and avoid witnessing such matters in the future. If you need any assistance, then let us know in the comment section.

5 thoughts on “Chromecast Blinking White Light, No Signal: 3 Ways To Fix”

  1. I’ve tried all the suggestions in the above article but my Chromecast is still blinking white. Not sure of what else to try. Please advise.

  2. I’ve got the same problem with a blinking white light on my Chromecast remote, followed all the instructions multiple times unplugged my TV and tried to factory reset the remote for instructions and is still blinking nothing worked.

  3. My chromecast used to show a solid green light when casting. Now it shows a solid white light but cant connect to my tv.
    I use the google home app for set up. Shows tge identifying code on both tv and app. Says connected then a box appears appears saying cant connect. Happened after changing from BT to Sky internet

  4. This is how I fixed it. The above didn’t work for me.

    So I used the Google home app on my phone to remote into my chromecast. Then I went to settings > remote & accessories. Then I unpaired my remote. Then tried to pair a new device. It says hold back and home on the remote until you see the light. The first time I didn’t hold back and home and it didn’t pair. The 2nd try I held back and home first and it paired. It also told me my remote needed an update when you select it in the remote settings. Hopefully the updated fixed whatever this problem is.

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