3 Ways To Fix Chromecast Pink Light

chromecast pink light
chromecast pink light

Google inc. has revolutionized the world with software and hardware products. It has many accolades under its belt, and most people trust its name. Simultaneously, Chromecast is one of Google’s best products in terms of the entertainment world. But there are concerns among Chromecast customers regarding the visibility of the pink light in their Chromecast devices.

In this draft, we will diagnose the issue of why the pink light comes on in the Chromecast? What actually pink light mean? And will suggest workable troubleshoots to overcome the pink light issue in the device.

What Chromecast Pink Light Indicates?

According to Google assistance, the Chromecast pink light means either your device has stuck in a reboot or is updating its software. It is a significant cause of frustration when somebody opens his TV and finds it turned blank. When observed keenly, one would discover that the Chromecast device is showing pink light. As we now know, the real reason for the pink light. Now we will move towards its possible solutions.

1. Do I Need To Reboot Chromecast To End Pink Light?

Rebooting is the easiest way to resolve many issues of the hardware device. It makes the system drain all the stuck software sequencing from the device. And allow the software to function anew. The procedure of reboot suggests you power off the device by pressing the power button of the device. Detach all cables from device and TV.

After a few moments, turn on the device and plug in the HDMI cable into the TV. Through this way, you will bind pink light is no more there, and the device has completed software reboot.

2. Should We Let The Chromecast To Complete Update For The Elimination Of Pink Light?

As mentioned above, the pink light indicates that the device is updating software. But due to something unusual, it stuck in the middle. Therefore, restart the Chromecast device and the TV and let the update be completed. It might take time longer for the completion of the software update. Remember, do not interrupt the device during the updating because it will crash the process, and you will require additional time to get your entertainment back online.

3. Can I Contact Chromecast Customer Care Center?

If you have applied above mentioned troubleshoots religiously and still don’t find any relief. Then, it is the perfect moment to contact the Chromecast customer care center. Their customer representative will inquire about the cause of frustration. Tell them the issue related to their Chromecast device’s pink light. As per official resources, they knew that people are witnessing pink light. The Chromecast will send their technician to erase the device’s irritants physically, or they will swap the device for your convenience.


Summing up altogether, the Chromecast pink light is an obstacle before your entertainment and can be resolved through the troubleshoots cited above. We have placed all the relevant and authentic information regarding the problem and provided the most implementable solutions. We will be more than happy to reply to your queries in the comment section.

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