3 Ways To Fix No Light On Chromecast

chromecast no light
chromecast no light

Chromecast is the best device and medium of entertainment. But nowadays, many Chromecast users are facing no lights on their Chromecast device.

In this space, we will provide you information on why Chromecast is not showing lights. As we all know, the lights on the device do some meanings. What if you no longer see the lights?

What No light On The Chromecast Means?

Generally, people witness services issues and see unusual occurring of the lights. But when you confront no lights on Chromecast, it means your device is not receiving power or signals. At the same time, both the reasons are easy to get resolved. You need clear guidance and some patience. Faults in devices are a common phenomenon, and we can manage them to end. The following remedies will help you solve Chromecast no light problem.

1. Do I Check Power Cable To Make Chromecast Lights Turn On?

Indeed, devices turn off their light due to power disturbance. Check Chromecast power cable is firm and fixed. If you are using an extension, then it might cause Chromecast to show no lights because of the voltage difference. It is prescribed that the power cable should be affixed to the power socket directly. Once you have made the source issue resolved, you will witness Chromecast’s light on.

2. Should I Reset Factory Chromecast?

If you have applied the above mentioned troubleshoot and find no results. Then, we should move to the next method. Detach all the cables attached to the Chromecast except the power cable. Take a pen or pencil, push the reset factory button present in the back of the device. Hold the button for 15 seconds. Once the lights start blinking, it means your Chromecast is undergoing reset factory. After a few moments, attach all the cables back and start watching your favorite show.

3. Can I Replace The Chromecast Device?

What a tricky question. Many times, consumers get a faulty device, which is not an intentional mistake but an accident. If you have used all the troubleshoots stated in the space and unable to find any way out. Then, you should contact the Chromecast customer care center. They will send their technician for the resolution of the issue. But when the device was inspected and pronounced dead. The Chromecast will swap the device for your convenience.


In a nutshell, we have delineated the meaning and reason for the Chromecast no light and provided you various Troubleshooting methods to scrap out the issue. Among all the troubleshoot, reset factory and device swap is the most promising option.

In this article, we have produced all the necessary information to educate about the issue of Chromecast no light. We would appreciate your queries and questions, if any, in the comment section. and will respond to your concerns with a short interval of time.

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