Red Light On Chromecast: 5 Ways To Fix

red light on chromecast
red light on chromecast

For everyone who is a fan of entertainment, Chromecast is the ultimate device that you can use to access YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services. Chromecast is connected to the TV through USB and streamlines the connection. For the most part, users are struggling with the red light on Chromecast and they don’t know the real reason behind it. So, let’s see what this red light is about!

Red Light On Chromecast – What Does It Mean?

Usually, the red light on Chromecast occurs when the Chromecast is downloading and receiving the update. With this being said, the Chromecast will not be available for casting. The casting can be accessed once the update is complete. But in some cases, the red light doesn’t go away and they are unable to stream the content. For that purpose, we have outlined the troubleshooting methods!

1) Error

The prime reason that your Chromecast is unable to stop portraying red light, there are higher chances of error in the device. This issue can be resolved by rebooting the Chromecast. For resetting the Chromecast, you need to plug it out of the TV and let it wait for around two minutes. After two minutes, plug the Chromecast into the TV or power sources and you will be able to stream again.


The HDMI extender is your absolute champ whenever you struggle with the red light on Chromecast. This extender is usually provided by Chromecast with the box. Consequently, when you plug in the HDI extender, the red light issue will be resolved and streaming will be streamlined.

3) TV

In case adding the HDMI extender didn’t solve the issue, there are chances that there is something wrong with the TV. However, when it comes down to the TV, there are two possibilities. First of all, there might be something wrong with the software. So, in this case, we suggest that you update the TV software.

Secondly, there are chances that the port has worn out and is unable to establish a connection. With this being said, you can change the port. If there is no other port, you can plug the Chromecast into another TV and see if it works.

4) Factory Reset

If nothing seems to help with the red light on Chromecast, you can always try factory resetting Chromecast. For factory reset, plug it in the TV and press the button on the Chromecast for around thirty seconds. Once you do, the solid red light will turn into the flashing light. Within some seconds, the light will start blinking white which means the Chromecast has been factory reset. As a result, the reboot will start automatically and the red light issue will be taken care of.

5) USB Cable

When you are using the Chromecast, you need to ensure that the USB cable is working fine. Similarly, the USB cable that comes with the Chromecast box is substandard, so we suggest that you replace the bad one with a better USB cable.

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