4 Reasons Behind Starlink Flashing White Light

starlink flashing white light
starlink flashing white light

In the past few years, Starlink connection has become extremely popular in the rural areas of the US, especially where there is an absence of other high-speed internet connections. When you subscribe to Starlink internet, it comes with a kit that has a router to help you connect your devices to the wireless internet. However, if the router is flashing white light and you don’t know what it means, this article will be a great help!

Starlink Flashing White Light

The white light on the Starlink router flashes when the router and router are correctly connected and the wires are plugged in properly. However, the lights have to turn solid white to make sure the internet connection is working on the devices. So, if the router’s lights keep flashing, you have to follow the below-mentioned solutions;

  1. Cables

The damaged and loose cables aren’t the primary reason behind the white flashing light but it indicates an issue with booting. For this reason, we recommend that you check both ends of your cables that connect the router and receiver to each other and the power outlet. In simpler words, you’ve to check all the cables and make sure they are connected to the correct ports.

In addition to this, you have to look for damaged or loose cables – the loose cables should be tightened up while the damaged cables need replacement. Last but not least, you need to ensure that the connectors aren’t worn out.

  1. Network Outage

If the light keeps flashing in white color and the internet connection isn’t established, you have to look for the network or service outage. We recommend that you use DownDetector.com to determine if there are network issues with Starlink but you can also use the Starlink app to gain information about the network status. If there is a service or network outage, you need to wait for the company to fix the servers and resume the connection.

  1. Internet Plan

If the router is stuck at the booting stage and the flashing white light doesn’t turn solid, you must consider the internet plan. Starlink offers two plans, including a residential and RV plan. The RV plan is susceptible to slow internet issues as the speed is limited to 25Mbps. In fact, the RV plan has an internet speed of 5Mbps to 8Mbps during peak hours. So, if you are using the RV plan, it’s recommended that you sign up for the residential plan to get a better internet speed.

  1. Reboot

A reboot is the most basic and effective solution and can help resolve the flashing white light issue. The router can be rebooted by disconnecting the power cable from the wall outlet. After waiting for a few minutes, you can connect the router to the wall outlet again and wait for a few minutes to let the LED lights stabilize. The best thing about a reboot is that it will automatically fix minor software and configuration errors, promising better internet connectivity.

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