4 Ways To Fix Slow Internet After Power Outage

internet slow after power outage
internet slow after power outage

Sometimes after a power outage, your internet starts to act very slow or completely shuts down. This can be a huge problem in some cases, as the internet is now an important part of our lives. Most people have smart TVs or set-top boxes that are heavily reliant on the internet.

Without a good enough connection, these people can’t enjoy any entertainment. Social media and many other platforms are also inaccessible without a stable connection. Some people also work from home and need the internet to do so. In short, the internet is very important to us, which is why slow internet after a power outage can be a big issue.

Why Does Your Internet Get Slower after a Power Outage?

There are many reasons why your internet is acting up after a power cut. It could be that your ISPs DNS servers are down or maybe something else entirely. If the outage was caused by a power surge than maybe your router or modem could be damaged.

There are many reasons why the problem may arise. Luckily, it’s unlikely that it is anything serious. You should be able to fix your slow internet after a power outage by following any of the fixes given below.

1. Change your DNS server

At times, a power outage can cause your Internet Service Provider’s DNS servers to stop working. This is a common problem after power cuts and surges and can be fixed quite easily. You can change your preferred DNS server using your device’s settings.

The process is quite different depending on the type of device in question. For example, if you’re using a computer that’s running on Microsoft Windows OS, you can use settings or the control panel to change the server. On the other hand, you can change your preferred DNS servers on mobile by going to the network settings menu.

It is recommended that you switch your preferred DNS server to OpenDNS.  DNS changes are also easily reversible so you don’t have to worry about taking any risks.

2. Hard Reset your Router/Modem

If the power outage was caused by a surge, it’s likely that resetting your router/modem should do the trick. You can easily hard reset your modem or router using the small button on the rear panel. Once the reset is complete, reconfigure it using the ISP settings. If your router is quite old, you should keep in mind that the surge might have permanently damaged it. Resetting older routers can also damage them, so you should tread carefully if you’ve had the same router in use for some time.

3. Repair or Replace Your Router/Modem

If resetting your router or modem didn’t work then your router or modem is most likely damaged. If this is the case, you’ll have to ask your ISP to send an engineer to help you. If the engineer can’t repair your router/modem, they should be able to replace it. Most ISPs provide a free replacement router in case something goes wrong so you likely won’t have to pay for the replacement.

Before asking for support from your ISP, you should try to confirm that your router is at fault. You can do this by simply downloading a speed test application on your smartphone or tablet. Try doing the first speed test while sitting beside your router and the second one just a little further away. Your router is almost certainly damaged if you get worse speeds on the second test.

4. Contact your ISP

If your power was cut due to a storm or other natural causes than it is possible that your ISP is responsible for your slow internet. It could be that the storm-damaged something on your ISP’s end, or maybe some wires were tampered with due to the wind. If this is the case, then you can do nothing but wait for your Internet Service Provider to resolve the problem.


Slow internet is completely common after a power outage, meaning you have nothing to worry about. The issue is almost never too serious and even if your router/modem is damaged, you can get a free replacement. Trying all the solutions above should be enough for you to enjoy your fast connection speeds again.

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