3 Ways To Fix Chromecast Orange Light

chromecast orange light
chromecast orange light

Chromecast can be one of the most efficient devices ever manufactured to help you enjoy fantastic video content. It is something that allows you to enjoy video content without any interference. But, there is something that is bothering the Chromecast users. Many of them are witnessing an orange light.

If you’re also facing such an issue, it may create issues for you while enjoying video content. So, for your ease and to resolve this issue, we have brought this article that will allow you to overcome the problem with minimum efforts placed. So, if you want to get rid of the issue, follow the article to the end, and you will resolve the issue.

What Does The Chromecast Orange Light Mean?

If your Chromecast is displaying an orange light, then there can be two reasons behind it. The first is that the Chromecast is in the update process. If you have recently updated the device and there is no update available, yet the light is orange, then there is something wrong with the hardware.

If this is the case, you need to search for its solution as soon as possible. Below you will be enriched with some of the most useful solutions that will help you to overcome the issue. So, be with us to the end and help yourself overcome the issues.

1) Go For A Hardware Reset

Digital devices like Chromecast may face malware attacks, which may lead them to function poorly. So, the best possible solution to avoid such an issue is to go for a reset. Doing this will help you provide a new life to your device, which will probably resolve the orange light issue. So, what you need to do is reset the Chromecast by following the manual’s instructions, and you will be able to get rid of that orange light.

2) Change The HDMI Port

Most of the time, the Chromecast turns off suddenly, and then it starts displaying the orange light. It is unnecessary that the Chromecast is faulty. The issue maybe with the HDMI port you are using for your Chromecast.

So, you need to check whether the issue is with the Chromecast or the HDMI port because you will be plugging-in the Chromecast to another HDMI port. Or you may also take it to a friend’s place to check if it works on their TV or not. This will help you to know whether the Chromecast is faulty or the HDMI port.

3) Change The Device

If you cannot resolve the issue by resetting and changing the port, then it is time to replace the Chromecast. If this is in warranty, then it is what you can call luck. If not, you have to spend on a new device, or you may also take it to the customer care for repair (only if possible).


In the article, we have told you everything about the Chromecast orange light and how to resolve it. Follow the article religiously and resolve the issues related to your Chromecast orange light.

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  1. That article is bad and resembles the incompetent “customer support” that most companies have. Do you have a problem? REPLACEMENT REPLACEMENT DEFECTIVE is always the solution. Sigh…

    Orange light usually means it’s a problem (frequency or anything really) with this TV in particular. If you switch to another TV 99.9% it will work. So the troubleshoot for the orange light is to try and see what’s wrong with the relationship between your TV and the Chromecast and not just blindly get replacements …

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