3 Common Insignia TV HDMI Problems (Troubleshooting)

insignia tv hdmi problems
insignia tv hdmi problems

If you enjoy watching television in your free time then you should already know that having a good cable service is important. However, what some people do not understand is that you should also get a good quality television. This is because the overall resolution and features that you are provided with depending on the device you own.

Considering this, many companies manufacture televisions. But one of the best ones around is known as Insignia. If you are interested in their products then you can easily check them out by visiting their website.

Although, you should note that some Insignia users have reported that the HDMI port on their TV is giving problems. This might happen to you as well; this is exactly why we will be using this article to provide you with a few steps that should help you in fixing it.

Insignia TV HDMI Problems

  1. Check Cables

If your HDMI wire is giving your problems then the first thing that you should do is check your cable. This is pretty simple and should help you in fixing the issue without getting into technical stuff.

Make sure that the cable is inserted in the port tightly. If you notice that it has become loose then you can even take it off and plug it back in firmly. Aside from this, check the entire cable to see if there are any bents on it or it might have become damaged.

If you notice any damaged the use another cable. It is important that your cable does not have any bents in between and that there is no weight on it. HDMI cables can be really weak and these can easily get die out.

Although, if yours has already broken down then you can purchase a new one from a store nearby you. Keep in mind that good quality cables will both last you a long time as well as ensure that you get better quality.

  1. Check Input Source

Aside from the cable, you might have accidentally selected the wrong input source on your television. This is a really common problem and you can easily switch to a different one from your remote. Make sure that you select the HDMI input source so that the service can start working.

Some Insignia TVs also have more than one HDMI port. So, you can try changing between the different HDMI source inputs to see which one your cable is connected to. Aside from this, another way to check this is by taking a look at the back of your device. Although if you have plugged It on your wall, then it will be really difficult.

  1. Reset HDMI Port

Lastly, you can try to rest your HDMI port if all the above-mentioned steps fail for you. This can be done by disconnecting all the wires from your television and other devices as well. You can then switch all of these off for a few minutes and then start them back up. Finally, plug your HDMI cable back in and your problem should most likely be gone now.

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