Disconnecting From Games But Not Internet: 3 Fixes

disconnecting from games but not internet
disconnecting from games but not internet

With all the offer of online games, either on console, PC or even mobiles, players are always looking for new ways to have fun with their favourite titles. Besides being a good way to have fun when one has time to kill, it has even become a large professional activity with the recent e-games platforms.

No matter what system you opt for, the almost infinite number of games will surely deliver a great online playing session for the lovers of all genres.

Some of these games now allow hundreds of players into the same arena, which seemed like something impossible to achieve a few years ago, when twelve simultaneous players could cause servers to crash.

There has never been a more opportune moment to either just enjoy your favourite game or even to become a professional player and earn the big bucks in international competitions.

Sure, all this functionality will always demand something, and that thing is a strong and reliable internet connection.

Since not even the most advanced server technology would allow that many players to share a match, the responsibility of keeping players online during the matches befalls on gamers’ network connections.

However, most recently, even gamers that run high-speed and stable connections have been reporting an issue that is causing them to leave the match in-game – even when their internet connections are working as they should. As disappointing as it seems, this issue has become more and more of a problem.

So, bear with us as we walk you through three easy fixes that should get rid of this problem and allow you to fully enjoy your game time. So, without further ado, here is what you can attempt, without any risk of damage to your equipment, in order to enjoy your gaming time to the fullest.

Fixing Disconnecting From Games But Not Internet

Fixing Disconnecting From Games But Not Internet

  1. Keep An Eye On Your Internet Ping

The first thing you want to do to check the source of this issue is to measure the ping of your internet connection. For those who are not so tech-savvy or not really into internet lingo, the ping is the time a data package takes to be sent from your device to a server and back.

As it counts how long it takes for a data transfer to happen, it might be a good lead on how well your internet connection will perform during an online match. Bear in mind that, the more advanced the graphics or game features, the larger the data package that is sent to the server and back.

As it has been commented by many gamers who are facing the same issue, once they started keeping an active eye on their ping, they could enjoy their gaming sessions with more stability.

So, we strongly recommend you do the same if you do not want to have your experience ruined and suffer with the subsequent frustration. A good way to check your ping is to simply try to run a video on YouTube, or any other platform for that matter.

Once you play the video, make sure to keep an eye on the loading speed, since if it starts buffering, there is a high chance your internet ping is not doing so well.

Alternatively, you can simply attempt to open a webpage and check if it loads quickly. Should that not happen, then it is very likely that your internet speed is fluctuating. Lastly, running a speed test will also inform you how fast is your ping in that moment.

Even though the speed test or loading a video or webpage can give you the impression your ping is good enough, that might change over an online gaming session, so always keep an active eye on your ping.

If any of the tests are not satisfactory, or even if they are, but during your gameplay time the ping keeps rising, you should definitely contact your internet service provider, or ISP, to have it checked for solutions.

  1. Make Sure Your Anti-Virus Is Not The Cause

Make Sure Your Anti-Virus Is Not The Cause

With all the conspicuous content circulating on the internet, it can be risky to get out there without something to keep your system protected. That is the main reason why the antivirus business gets better and better over the years.

These programs will monitor your online activity at all times and make sure your navigation is safe from any sort of malware that could hinder the performance of your device.

They also protect users from attacks and invasions that could lead hackers to finding out personal or any other sort of relevant information you might have in your storage.

However, should your antivirus program detect your gaming session is becoming a menace to your system, it will very likely shut it down. As it goes, these kinds of protection programs work with a ‘protect before checking’ style.

The issue is that it may be extremely hard to find a one hundred per cent safe platform to play online games with so many people simultaneously. That means your fun time can be totally ruined for the sake of your system’s protection.

Considering this, should you opt for a crash-free experience when it comes to the antivirus blocking your gametime, simply disable the protection programs you are running.

Sure, you will be on your own out there on the vast domains of internet gaming, but at least you won’t have a nagging ‘older brother’ deciding what you can or cannot do.

Bear in mind that, even if you do not purchase any antivirus programs, most operational systems already have a pre-installed one, so make sure to deactivate that one as well.

Instead, should you prefer to keep your safety programs running during your gameplay time, you can go to the settings and add the gaming platform or webpage as an exception.

By doing so, you will be telling your antivirus that no matter what threat comes from the platform or webpage, no action should be taken. So, make up your mind what approach you want to take and choose your destiny.

  1. Try Changing Server

Try Changing Server

The last fix regards the servers to which gamers connect to enjoy their online mass multiplayer matches. As it has been mentioned in the first fix, ping plays a key role in the quality and stability of online gaming.

Nonetheless, the ping is not the only feature that should be considered important for an uninterrupted gaming session. As it has been reported by many users who are facing the same issue, their pings were fairly low (low ping is a good sign) but they kept being disconnected from their online matches anyway.

Besides the ping, the server also constitutes a highly important feature for a gaming session to run smoothly. Unfortunately, we cannot manage the servers that we choose to game from, but we can change the server once it starts presenting the symptoms of a crash.

Most online games even show the ping of the server before players join in the match, so keep an eye on that information as that may tell if you are about to enter a frustrating match or a fun one.

Since you will be keeping an eye for lower ping servers when you access your gaming platform or webpage, make sure to bookmark the good servers for later sessions.

On a final note, in case you find out about other ways of getting rid of the disconnecting issue, let us know in the comments. By doing so, you will be helping your fellow gamers – so that’s always going to be worth it.

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