Compare Bluetooth Tethering vs Hotspot – Which One?

Bluetooth Tethering vs Hotspot
Bluetooth Tethering vs Hotspot

Technology has been evolving rapidly and every other month or week we hear about a new revolution. The main mindset is to make our work easier and convenient. So these two are also ways to make life more bearable.

The Internet is a basic necessity nowadays and it is really difficult to have it with you 24/7 but now with them, ways to share your internet between devices have been made available.

I am sure after reading the topic, you might have thought that both makes your work rapid online, then why to compare both. But, most of the time are not aware of is that both do have a few differences. Below is an intro to the world of tethering and hotspot with a way for you to choose with one appropriately suits your style.

So let’s first start with:

What is Tethering?

Tethering basically refers to sharing the internet from a particular device to another device.

Generally, tethering can be done over LAN, Bluetooth or you can even connect it by using a wire such as a cable that can, for instance, be USB. Bluetooth tethering, however, has a slow speed and is considered quite difficult. You can just connect one device at a time. Bluetooth tethering is at the end of the day, a redundant way.

But, when the tethering is done by connecting to Wi-Fi, it is called Hotspot.

What is Hotspot?

So this is a way to connect your device with the internet wirelessly. It is available for like about 30 meters from where that device is which is providing you with hotspot. You can connect your mobile hotspot to about 5 other devices and the devices can be a phone, a computer or a tablet, etc.

Bluetooth tethering vs Hotspot

What is the difference between Bluetooth tethering or mobile hotspot?

A wifi hotspot is way more opportune as it does not requires downloading an application on any of the devices or even the computer. By hotspot, you can get access to the internet on several devices at the same time even though it does take a while to be connected. On the other hand, while tethering you will surely require an external device or software.  But, if we compare tethering to the hotspot it is comparatively more cost-effective and cheaper. Also, it utilizes less battery.

Moreover, using a Wi-Fi hotspot is much easier. It just requires some easy steps like switching on the hotspot and finding that network on the other device and get both of them connected.

Though, a few mobile network operators do restrict the use of tethering and mobile hotspot. It is because they worry about the usage of data by a user. While using a mobile hotspot or Bluetooth tethering you sometimes lose track of the data usage and end up using all of it at times.

For tethering, one needs high-speed connection whereas you can get connected to the mobile hotspot using a medium speed connection too.

A mobile hotspot when compared to tethering uses more mobile data and at times heats the device rapidly which at the end is not good for our devices. But, we must keep in mind that using Bluetooth tethering you can connect your devices faster and you at times you will not also have to take out the device from your pocket or whatever case it is in.

Android and the iOs systems both have built-in features to allow tethering using the Bluetooth.

Which one Bluetooth tethering or mobile hotspot is safer?

Bluetooth tethering is safer because when you connect your system to Bluetooth, it gets encrypted. The traffic of the devices using blue tooth tethering are unlikely to be intercepted.

On the other hand, while using wifi hotspot, our traffic can be hijacked if it is not encrypted because using the hotspot your data is not encrypted all the time.

However, connecting to public wifi hotspots is not safe at all. We should keep in mind that even if a hotspot is asking for a password, it doesn’t fully mean that it is safe and secure. There are chances that the online traffic is monitored somewhere else and your system can be hijacked.

The data can be copied or traced. Your sensitive data can be leaked like your credit card numbers, your business information, and much more.

Hence, the Bluetooth tethering provides the user with safety whereas the wifi hotspot provides the user with better speed and connection so it is on you what to go for.

Which One Should You Pick?

We see that both have their own advantages and disadvantages. But, in the end, if we have to make a decision between which one to use, blue tooth tethering even though consumes less power, it is really slow.

It is only good for browsing and you can only connect one device to it.  On the other hand, the wifi hotspot can be connected to several devices at the same time. Actually 5 devices to be specific. The only problem which stays is that it heats your devices and consumes a lot of battery but you can look through this issue if you are getting a faster internet connection and all your work is being done rapidly. Wifi technology also has a higher data rate.

Data rate refers to the rate at which your data is transferred. Hence, it proved that the wifi hotspot is more reliable.  We must not forget that Bluetooth tethering is the safer method so while using wifi hotspot we should be careful that we are using a trusted network’s connections and we should not risk our data and use Bluetooth tethering instead.

But, if you do not have something risky on the device you can always choose the faster option which is a wifi hotspot.

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