6 Ways To Fix Insignia TV Backlight Problem

insignia tv backlight problem
insignia tv backlight problem

TVs are the most important electronics for every home and office. That being said, Insignia TV is widely used by people who are on a low budget. This is because Insignia TV is an affordable option. However, Insignia TV backlight problems are extremely common. So, let’s check out the troubleshooting method!

Insignia TV Backlight Problem

1) Short Circuit

The short circuit is one of the most common reasons behind the backlight problem. You need to understand that even if the TV is switched on or the screen is dark, there are chances of voltage issues in the circuit. Believe it or not, the misaligned LCD connectors can lead to shorting of the backlight circuit. That being said, you must ensure that the power connection isn’t bad or has low voltages.

If you are living in an area where there are electricity fluctuations, it can be a reason why the backlight circuit is short. For this reason, you will have to ensure proper power connection without any fluctuations. All in all, if the backlight circuit is short, you will need to replace it. You will have to talk to the technician to replace the short circuit.

2) Backlight

The backlight issue in the Insignia TV will occur if the backlight component has gone bad. In simpler words, the backlight has to work properly to ensure picture streams on the TV screen. This backlight component needs to be replaced or repaired. Personally, we advise that you replace the backlight component rather than repairing it because repairing isn’t a long-term or effective solution.

In case you have recently bought the Insignia TV, you can call Insignia customer support to access the replacement services under warranty. Keep in mind that replacement will be free if you’ve a warranty. However, if the TV doesn’t have a warranty, you can just go for the local professional to replace the backlight component. However, make sure that the technician is experienced and skilled.

3) Power Inverter

In case Insignia TV has a blank screen because of backlight issues, it is because the power inverter has gone bad. If this happens, you have got to replace the power inverter because the malfunctioned power inverter will not stream the picture. That being said, call the technician, and they will be able to fix the power inverter or replace it.

4) Power Supply

In case the power supply of your Insignia TV is not working properly, it might lead to the inability of Insignia TV to stream the picture. Keep in mind that the TV will be switched, but the screen will remain dark and blank. Generally, it happens when there are fluctuations in the power supply. So, you’ve to ensure that the power supply is consistent and streamlined for backlighting to work properly.

5) Input

The inputs are extremely essential for optimizing the accurate streaming of images and pictures on Insignia TV. That being said, in case there is a backlight issue with the TV, you must check the input source. It doesn’t matter if you are using the video game system of cable box; you must ensure that they are operating properly and are switched on.

In addition to this, you can try testing out different ports on the Insignia TV so the correct inputs are being used. It’s best to consult the manual and insert the cables and connections into the right input source. If you are already using the correct input source, take it out and connect again (ensure secure and firm connection).

6) HDMI Cables

The issues with the backlight can be caused by the damaged or malfunctioned HDMI cable. You might believe that if there are no exterior damages to the HDMI cable, the cable is fine. However, the HDMI cable might be damaged internally or have worn down over time. For this reason, it’s best to test the HDMI cable without some other TV and see if the issue occurs with the other TV as well.

If there is an issue, the HDMI cable is faulty, you can simply replace it. While choosing the new HDMI cable, you have to choose the branded cable because it promises quality and performance.

The final verdict is that these solutions should resolve the backlight issues. Still, if backlight issue is still there with Insignia TV, get in touch with the customer support!

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