Compare Anova Bluetooth vs WiFi – Which One Is Better?

Anova Bluetooth vs WiFi
Anova Bluetooth vs WiFi

Innovation is making lives easier and you cannot imagine living without technology these days. There are no doubts or second thoughts that there is no filed left in the world that does not have to thank innovative technologies for bringing a revolutionary change.

Technological innovations not only make the work easier and more convenient but they are also improving the efficiency and accuracy of the work being done. Machines are not everywhere around us and we are long ahead of the times when the food was cooked on the wooden fire and we had nothing but salts to sprinkle on the raw meat.

We developed over time to grilling, gas stoves, and microwave ovens and now all that seems like a vital part of our lives. No domestic or commercial kitchen can be imagined without this necessary equipment like Stove and Microwave oven being placed in it.

Although, these innovative technologies are getting old with time passes and technological advancement never seems to cease. There are always more and more limits to touch and more impossibilities that can be made possible with the help of technology.

Cooking is one such field that holds great importance in our everyday lives because we have to rely on food for our survival. Although, food is directly linked with our survival and nutritional growth the taste also matters and we all crave to treat our taste buds.

To ensure that cooking is perfect and you get the best taste out of your meals, there are certain innovations that can help you. These innovations are making our meals even tastier and one such marvel of technology is Anova Sous Vide. To understand the comparison between Anova WiFi vs Anova Bluetooth, it is important that you know what Anova Sous Vide is and how it works.

What Is Anova Sous Vide:

Steak is considered the most favorite meal of almost every meat lover around the globe. Steaks are of different kinds, and everyone has a unique preference for their steak. Some like it overcooked, some like it medium-rare or rare, and some like it more on the juicy side being rawer.

There are no limits to someone’s preference and you can never get the same type of steak twice just based on experience or experiments. There is only a 3degree difference between a rare and rare medium steak and you need to gain the precise temperature on your steak to ensure that your steak is just the way you like it.

It becomes a necessity in commercial kitchens as you can get the guests of different preferences and you cannot always control the temperature of your stove manually.

Here, Anova Sous Vide comes to the play and it makes sure that the temperature in a pan or pot is kept to the optimal temperature to ensure the best-flavored steak.

With the help of Anova, you can set the temperature and timings as you want them to be, and it will make sure that the temperature is precisely controlled to the settings you have selected. Also, it stirs the water in a pan and ensures the best possible taste out of a steak.

How Does It Work?

Anova Sous Vide is an electronic device that is plugged into your regular electric socket and it controls the temperature for you. You can either set the temperature digitally on the device or choose to have your Anova device connected with your phone through Bluetooth or WIFI.

This allows you a complete set of controls over your Anova Sous Vide and you can set the temperature, stirring settings, turn it on or off according to your leisure. There are slight differences between Anova Bluetooth and WIFI devices that you can read below and choose which device would be perfect for you to accompany you with your cooking routine.

There are certain pros and cons attached to both type of connectivity that we are going to discuss further in this article:

Anova Bluetooth Vs WiFi

Anova Bluetooth:

Anova Bluetooth is suitable for your household kitchen if you are going to stay around the stove at all times. It is connected over Bluetooth with your phone and as you already know that Bluetooth has a relatively shorter range so you cannot expect to stay away from this range and manage your steak temperature. The device comes cheaper than the one with WIFI in it so you need to be careful with your purchase. This device is also better for you if you are a chef at some restaurant and you have nowhere to be at ease than your job. This way, you can have a dedicated phone or tablet in the kitchen with you at all times and it will allow you to control multiple devices at once. The only drawback is that you can only control 5 devices with one phone at a time as Bluetooth connectivity options are limited and you cannot move out more than the next room to ensure the connection does not get interrupted due to the distance. Some notable pros and cons of using Anova Bluetooth would be:


  • Relatively lesser expensive than Anova WIFI
  • Easy to connect
  • Does not require an active WIFI connection
  • Best for home cooking or for a restaurant


  • Lesser connectivity range
  • A limited number of devices can be connected at a time

Anova WIFI:

I am sure that you must have heard about WIFI AC, and other electronic appliances like WIFI lights, WIFI CCTV and WIFI fridge. They are connected with your home WIFI network and you can virtually control them from anywhere in the world with your application on your phone and an active internet connection. Anova WIFI works on the same principle and it connects with your phone over your WIFI connection with the help of its own dedicated app that you need to have on your phone. This is a bit more expensive than Anova Bluetooth but allows you to connect with your Sous Vide from the other end of the city. You can set a temperature and while you are out picking the guests, you can control your Sous Vide right at your phone. Some top pros and cons are:


  • Ability to control your Sous Vide from virtually anywhere in the world
  • No network errors
  • Ability to connect multiple devices at once


  • Might cost you a bit more
  • Needs an active WIFI connection to work

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