Compare Bluetooth vs Wireless Mouse- 10 Factors To Keep In Mind

Bluetooth vs Wireless Mouse
Bluetooth vs Wireless Mouse

An important part of the computer hardware includes a mouse. A mouse is used to control the movement of the cursor. Back in the days, the mouse was connected with the computer through the electrical cord attached to it. This however used to create a lot of hassle with all the wires while working in a workplace.

By connecting the mouse to the port in the computer, it limits the use of the port for connecting any other device, such as headphones or USB. With the evolving technology, the computer mouse can also be available without any wires. There are two types of wireless mouse, Radio Frequency wireless mouse, and Bluetooth mouse.

What Is a Wireless Mouse?

The wireless mouse connects to the computer by using radio frequency. The USB port has an adapter connected to it, which acts as a receiver for the wireless mouse. All you have to do is, connect it and then start using it. A wireless mouse has a non-chargeable battery attached inside the mouse before switching it on.

The wireless mouse has only one transmitter. You cannot afford to misplace the adapter, because the wireless mouse cannot work without it and the adapter cannot be replaced by another adapter.

What Is Bluetooth Mouse?

A Bluetooth mouse simply connects to the computer directly. A Bluetooth mouse can be of excellent use if you don’t have free ports on your computer. It is efficient and easy to handle.

Comparing Bluetooth vs Wireless Mouse

Wireless Mouse

1. Connecting to the Device

To connect the wireless mouse, a USB adapter is required. A wireless mouse comes with its battery, which is added to the mouse. The wireless mouse cannot work without the battery.

2. Other Devices Required

The mouse is connected to the computer through the adapter. Without this adapter, the wireless mouse won’t work. If the adapter is misplaced, the only solution is, to get a new wireless mouse.

3. Compatibility with Other Devices

Wireless mouse has less compatibility as compared to Bluetooth mouse. It can be connected to only those devices which have a USB port. This limits the use of wireless mouse.

4. Response Time

A wireless mouse is more responsive as compared to a Bluetooth mouse.

5. Cost

A wireless mouse is not expensive. However, it may lead to additional expenses if your computer does not support Bluetooth technology. For that, you might need to buy a Bluetooth adapter.

6. Connectivity

Wireless mice limit their use to a device in only a limited area. They do not allow you to move around with the mouse, as the adapter is connected to the USB port. So the mouse can only be connected with the range of the adapters’ wire size.

7. Available Ports

Most devices have limited USB ports. There can be a need to connect more than one device at the same time. The use of a wireless mouse makes the USB port engaged, therefore there is no room left to connect any other device to the port.

8. Weight

A wireless mouse gets all the power from the computer; therefore not much power is stored in its battery. A wireless mouse has AAA batteries which makes it much lighter in weight than a Bluetooth mouse.

9. Battery Life

The battery of the wireless mouse lasts for three to four months. However, they consume battery power from the device they are connected to.

10. Travel Friendly

A wireless mouse is not traveling friendly as compared to the Bluetooth mouse, as you would also need to carry the adapter with it. There can be chances of losing the adapter.

Bluetooth Mouse

1. Connecting to the Device

There is no need for an adapter in the case of a Bluetooth mouse, which is what makes it even easier to use. The Bluetooth mouse connects to the built-in receiver in the computer by using a transmitter. If a computer does not support Bluetooth, then the Bluetooth mouse will not be able to connect to it. Hence, in order to use a Bluetooth mouse, it is important that the device you wish to connect with should support Bluetooth.

2. Other Devices Required

A Bluetooth mouse does not require an adapter to connect to the computer. The mouse can be connected to any computer which supports Bluetooth.

3. Compatibility With Other Devices

Bluetooth mouse is much more compatible in comparison to a wireless mouse. A Bluetooth mouse is compatible with any device which supports Bluetooth.

Devices such as our mobile phones, tablets, and laptops that support Bluetooth technology can easily be connected with a Bluetooth mouse.

4. Response Time

A Bluetooth mouse is considered to be less responsive as compared to the wireless mouse. It takes a little time in connecting to the device. A Bluetooth mouse is not recommended for gamers as its Bluetooth signals can get disconnected in the middle if there are any obstacles between the Bluetooth receiver and the Bluetooth mouse.

5. Cost

A Bluetooth mouse is expensive as compared to the wireless mouse.

6. Connectivity

Bluetooth mice can be very helpful during presentations. Bluetooth mouse allows the person to move aside from the computer within the range of 33 feet without being disconnected. Hence it does not limit the user to use the mouse in one place only.

7. Available Ports

There is no need to connect the Bluetooth mouse to the port. Hence, it leaves an available port to connect any other device such as a mobile phone.

8. Physical Weight

A Bluetooth mouse surely has no problem of getting wires tangled up and being messy, but it is heavier than a wireless mouse. The Bluetooth mouse stores all its power inside its battery. It uses AA batteries which makes it heavier as compared to the wireless mouse.

9. Battery Life

A Bluetooth mouse needs to remain switched on for a longer time to maintain a connection. Or else it takes a lot of extra time to reconnect. This causes the battery power to drain. A high-quality Bluetooth mouse’s battery life can last up to a year.

10. Travel Friendly

Bluetooth mouse is easy to carry without the problem of tangled multiple wires. It is small and it can fit anywhere easily.


Both wireless mouse and Bluetooth mouse have their separate strong and weak points. Both of them are frequently used in houses and workplaces according to the ease of the user.

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