7 Tips To Fix ZTE Phone Won’t Connect To Internet Problem

Zte Phone Won't Connect To Internet
Zte Phone Won’t Connect To Internet

The Chinese telecommunications giant ZTE is one of the world leaders in the business. Delivering end-to-end solutions, ZTE counts on its outstanding quality and excellence to reach among the top positions in the market.

Offering top-tier solutions that improve communication and profitability to users, enterprises, networks, and governmental agencies, they are active in over 160 countries throughout the world.

Amongst their most relevant manufactured products and services are wireless, wireline, and other professional services devices.

Their flagship nowadays is the 5G technology products and services, driving the implementation of this new system worldwide in end-to-end solutions and goods.

Coming in at fourth in the list of biggest cell telecommunications providers, ZTE has three market fronts. Their telecommunications sector makes up 17% of the total profit, their terminals, 29% and the carrier network cut is 54%.

As for the services, they can also be divided in three shares, mobile services, control equipment and left/node network operator equipment.

Their mobile phones can be bought pretty much anywhere in the world, under a variety of carriers such as Vodafone (UK), Telus, Telstra, Telecom and many Chinese companies, like NetCom, Internet, Satcom, Telecom and Unicorn.

Serving one quarter of the world, ZTE brings high quality services and products that aim at enabling connectivity and trust everywhere.

However, even with all its reach and quality, ZTE devices are not free from issues. As it has been most recently reported by a number of users, there has been an issue that is hindering the performance of internet connections in mobile phones.

According to the reports, present in many online forums and Q&A communities all over the internet, the issue is preventing users from accessing the internet through their mobiles, which is, of course, causing some disappointment.

Should you find yourself amongst those users, bear with us as we walk you through seven easy fixes any user can attempt without causing any sort of damage to the equipment. Even though some might seem a bit too techy, they are actually pretty easy, and no expertise is required for them to be performed.

So, without further ado, here is what you can attempt in order to get rid of the internet connection issue that is affecting ZTE mobile phones nowadays.

How To Connect To The Internet On Your ZTE Mobile Phone

How To Connect To The Internet On Your ZTE Mobile Phone

First things first, as the easiest and quickest fix you should attempt is to verify if the internet is actually set up on your device. In order to do so, here are the steps you should follow:

  • Firstly, locate and access the ZTE app on your mobile, then scroll down and enter the general settings.
  • Now find the ‘more options’ tab and access it to enter the mobile networks on the following list.
  • Once you reach it, there will be an Access Point Names option. Click of that and move to the next screen, where you can click on the Menu button.

*Depending on your mobile firmware version, the menu button might be located elsewhere.

  • Locate and click on ‘Reset to default’

Once all those steps are covered, your mobile will reset the MMS and internet settings to default.

Should the cause of the issue be related to an improper set up of the internet features, at this point, the problem should already be solved, since the SIM card will take care of rejigging the internet configuration on its own.

Bear in mind that the whole procedure should be done with your Wi-Fi switched off. Otherwise, it will automatically direct you to connect to a wireless network and interrupt the configuration procedure.

After resetting the MMS and internet settings, there are a few further steps to configure the internet:

  • Once again, go to the mobile networks tab on the settings and click on the ‘New APN’ option.
  • Input the Ethernet information and scroll down to insert the details on the Internet part.

*Note that only the parameters marked in yellow may be altered.

  • Then, select the menu button and click on save. (Once again, the save button may be placed elsewhere, so make sure to find and click on it before exiting the configuration screen).
  • Lastly, access the Internet Access Point and the new configuration should be there.

That should be enough for the whole internet configuration process to be successfully completed, so go ahead and give it a try. If it does not work at once, give it a few minutes for the connection to the server to be properly established.

As it goes, having a reliable internet connection on a mobile phone is nowadays paired with being able to make and receive calls. With so many options for calls through messaging apps, every day fewer people are opting for the traditional calling system and making more and more online calls.

Nevertheless, there is a chance the cause of the issue is not a poorly configured internet connection, and you might be still experiencing the issue. Should that happen, check out the following troubleshoot and perform the necessary fixes to see the problem gone for good.

Troubleshooting ZTE Phone Won’t Connect To Internet

  1. Check Your Internet Connection Status And Health 

As it has been reported, the most common cause for the issue is a very slow internet connection. Should you be experiencing that kind of problem, run a speed test to see if that is in fact the cause of the issue.

Gladly, there in a number of free internet speed tests online, so just choose the one you prefer and have it run a test. Alternatively, you can locate and access the “Check my connection” option through the task manager.

That way, you will have a double-check of your internet connection and a second chance to get rid of the connection issue.

  1. Check Your Data Threshold Or Allowance 

Check Your Data Threshold Or Allowance 

Secondly, there is a chance you are not keeping track of the amount of data you are allowed to use for the period.

Should you spend more than your plan delivers, there is a chance your connection will not be up and running anymore. Not all carriers offer unlimited connections, so keep an eye for the data usage in the settings.

  1. Give Your Mobile A Restart 

Give Your Mobile A Restart 

The restarting procedure is not regarded as efficient by many experts, but it, in fact, performs a whole verification of the system and even fixes possible minor configuration and compatibility issues.

Apart from that, by rebooting your device, it may resume operating from a fresh starting point and with a cache clear of unnecessary temporary files.

  1. Give It A Factory Reset 

Give It A Factory Reset 

Should you attempt the three fixes after checking your internet connection is properly set up, you can perform a factory reset and allow your mobile system to redo all the configuration from scratch.

Prior to performing the factory reset, make sure to save all the data you do not want to lose, as this procedure will erase all the files on your mobile memory. The factory reset option can be easily located in the settings under the ‘Backup and Reset’ tab.

  1. Give Your APNs A Reset 

The APN, or Access Point Name, links your device with the IP address and gateways of your carrier. In other words, it consists of the information required to connect to the provider’s network.

It can happen that things end up misconfigured, so simply go to the options and redo the settings.

  • In ‘Network and internet Settings, access the Mobile Networks tab, then the advanced settings.
  • From there, you can access the APN settings and, through the top-right menu, select “Back to default”
    1. Manually Insert APN Info 

Due to updates on system apps, or an ongoing lack of compatibility, the APN settings might have to be changed to adapt to the new mobile configurations. Luckily, there is an easy way to manually insert the APN credentials.

Simply go to the APN settings through the mobile networks tab and select “New APN”. Then, insert the parameters of your mobile carrier and make sure to save them before quitting out of the configuration.

  1. Let Professionals Deal With The Issue

Let Professionals Deal With The Issue

Sometimes, the causes of the issues are deeper than they first appeared to be. Additionally, not everyone is a tech expert with all the necessary tools to repair a mobile.

So, should you attempt all the six fixes above after performing the internet configuration and still experience the connection issue with your ZTE mobile, make sure to have a professional handle it.

Make your way to the nearest authorized ZTE shop and let them know all about the issue as well as all the steps you covered when attempting to solve it. They are used to dealing with all sorts of issues, so they will very likely be able to help you get it fixed.

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